RIP Veronica Carlson…A Celebration Of This Hammer Glamour Queen’s Greatest Hits…

RIP Hammer Horror Queen Veronica Carlson

Very sad news for Cult Film Fans…news is breaking that British Actress Veronica Carlson has died…she was 77 years old…I will update cause of death when it is released, but I wanted to celebrate her career…

Carlson grew up in Germany where her Dad was stationed, and when she was young, she appeared in minor plays and TV shows.

James Carreras, the head of Hammer Films, saw one of her photographs in a newspaper and offered her a role opposite Christopher Lee in the terrific 1968 Hammer horror film “Dracula Has Risen from the Grave!”

Hammer Glamour!

This was the golden era for Hammer – a more “adult” approach to the classic gothic horror legends – with great stars, lots of action, and more blood and nudity than ever before!

Even this poster has a cheekiness to it, and obviously Carlson is featured prominently in the poster as well!

There was a confidence in the advertising and promotion of the films that made them more anticipated than ever.

Check out the classic trailer:

The film was a huge success, Christopher Lee was never better, and Carlson was mesmerizing on screen as well.

She went on to star in another Hammer horror gem the next year:

“Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed!”

See how the films have a much more aggressive approach? Even with a gothic setting, they felt current and fresh.

Check out the trailer:

“Slaymate Of The Month!”

Yes, apparently that was a thing! I found this publicity still, which shows how they were publicizing Carlson at this time. She was one of many “Hammer Glamour Queens” promising a more adult take on gothic horror!

Here are some more shots from this provocative photo shoot:

As you can see, the camera loves her.

The following year, Carlson was in another Hammer horror classic called “The Horror of Frankenstein”.

Hammer was really on a roll at the time, one classic horror gem after the other!

Check out the trailer:

Next up, Carlson appeared in “Old Dracula” from 1974, which was also released as “Vampira”:

In 1975, Veronica appeared in the horror film “The Ghoul”, and the publicity campaign was designed to showcase her sensuality:

So, Veronica was on a roll, with movies, photo shoots and more…then, nothing!

“The Ghoul” was her last film for almost twenty years!

Actress Veronica Carlson Quits The Business!

At the height of her popularity, Carlson went into semi-retirement after marrying and moving to the United States. She now lives in South Carolina with her husband and three children and is a professional painter.

Carlson came out of retirement to star in the 2019 film “House of the Gorgon” alongside fellow Hammer film star Caroline Munro!

Veronica had a terrific career – she made so many great Hammer Horror films, including one with Caroline Munro, and we all know how much I love Caroline as well:

She did hammer horror and 007 as well! Click here to see my story about all of her terrific films:

Speaking of “Hammer Glamour”, Madeleine Smith appeared on the cover of the book that celebrated them all:

Smith had a very revealing career as well, and you can see it all here:

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RIP Veronica Carlson….a great Cult Movie Queen…

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11 replies

  1. Oh no! That is too bad. She was great. Darn… Thanks for reporting this. I may have missed it otherwise.


  2. I was just about to have Veronica on my show for an interview when I couldn’t reach her last night

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  3. I have seen all of those, John. I used to enjoy trips to the cinema to see those ‘camp’ Hammer horror films. Ralph Bates was in so many of them, almaost always playing a similar part. He was also used widely in TV drama and comedy, but sadly died in 1991.
    Bit of trivia for you, the actor playing Frankenstein’s monster in that clip is former British strong-man, Dave Prowse. He was in the costume of Darth Vader in the original Star Wars films. But he had a west-country accent that was not suitable, so Darth was voiced by James Earl Jones instead.

    Best wishes, Pete.

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  4. Thank you so much. I met Veronica 3 years ago at a convention in California and she was so approachable, so nice, so sweet and at 74 still strikingly beautiful. I’m glad I got to chat with her and had her sign a couple of photos. She was my favorite “Hammer girl”. My heart is broken.

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  5. Beautiful and just a lovely lady. She was my teenage crush. Met Veronica at a Monster convention 3 years ago and she was so wonderful to talk with. Broke my heart upon hearing of her passing. Thanks for this great tribute.

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  6. Never got to watch any of Hammers movies. Good to be able to see the actress. That played in them.

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