Monique Gabrielle Was A “Deathstalker!” Her Cult Cinema’s Greatest Hits!

“I feel fine about nudity.” 

Time to dive into the career of the Actress with this philosophy!

Celebrating Cult Movie Queen Monique Gabrielle!

As a big fan of cult cinema, I am always looking for offbeat gems that were made in the 70’s and 80’s, when filmmakers had a more “raucous” attitude – and the Cult Movie Queens who acted in them did as well!

That led me, of course, to Monique Gabrielle! She appeared in dozens of movies – some more mainstream than others, but all entertaining!

For this “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown”, I am taking a look at some of her best films!

Monique was born Katherine Gonzalez on July 30, 1962 in Kansas City, Missouri .

She started modeling while still in high school, entered her first beauty pageant at age 17, and won Miss American Legion!

Hollywood called early, and Monique moved to California in 1980 right after she graduated from high school.

This led to a great career in Cult Cinema, with more than 60 credits!

Let’s take a look at some!

Monique was featured in Penthouse magazine, and was named the December 1982 Penthouse Pet of the Month.

She appeared in bit parts in some mainstream films like “Airplane 2”, but I originally discovered Monique when I saw this photo posted on a website:

Of course, after searching the wild world of the internet, I discovered that were was a much more provocative version of the photo as well:

Time To Share More From Monique!

I’ll share this cult gem in a moment, but before this eye-popping appearance, Monique had small roles in “Night Shift,” “Young Doctors in Love” and “Flashdance!”

Her biggest mainstream success was her role as the young woman who tries to seduce Tom Hanks in “Bachelor Party.”

But forget all that – it was in cult cinema that she ruled!

Back to her opening quote, here’s how she felt about the movies she was in:

“I feel fine about nudity. In my mind, it’s clean and there’s no problem. Europeans think we’re so uptight about nudity and sex, which most Americans are.”

She proved this in a slew of great cult gems – among her most memorable roles was the cult classic “Chained Heat!”

Monique wasn’t the only “Cult Movie Queen” to appear in this classic – this film included a shower scene between Sybil Danning and Linda Blair!

What a film! You can see the original trailer and lots more from the film by clicking on my story here:

Monique’s career was on a roll, and it included one very iconic character!

Gabrielle was the uninhibited sexual adventuress in “Emmanuelle V,” and what a plot it was!

Emmanuelle has a streak of bad luck that starts when she is stripped by a mob of adoring fans at the Cannes Film Festival.

Her rotten luck continues when the dictator of a banana republic uses the screening of one of her films as a pretext to get her into his country. Our heroine finds herself admitted into his harem as a slave.

She was also in “Young Lady Chatterly 2” and played a dual role as the sweet princess and her evil twin in “Deathstalker II!”

Monique went on to appear in films like “Amazon Women on the Moon,” “Silk 2,” the campy “The Return of Swamp Thing,”

She had a great run of 80’s and 90’s films, – and of course, the reason I found her originally was still to come:

Yep, she was the nerdy, repressed Megan in the delightfully dippy “Evil Toons!”

I posted a story about this fun little gem, directed by Fred Olen Ray – you can see more pictures from this terrific little horror film by clicking on my story here:

Gabrielle had a great fun of films in the 80’s, and was always willing to show off for us as well!

Monique poked fun at her own B-flick queen persona in 1991 when she starred in “Hollywood Scream Queen Hot Tub Party!”

After years in Hollywood, Monique got married and moved to South Florida and ran a production company called Monique’s Purrfect Productions.

She also appeared in “Not Of This Earth” along with Traci Lords – click here to see her notorious story:

Bravo to Gabrielle for a great cult career!

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Bravo to Monique for her great cult movie career!

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  1. If there’s one period of time that I want to be Tom Hanks it would be when was in movies with Monique Gabrielle and Tawny Kitaen (she played his future bride in “Bachelor Party”) and Lori Singer..(“The Man With One Red Shoe” I know he doesn’t like that period of his career, but….

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  2. Monique was on a People’s Court being sued a not very sincere agent. She won.


  3. Monique may have come in contact with Rodney Alcala AKA The Dating Game Killer. When the media was showing photos of models Alcala took, Ms. G was one of them. She was interviewed and I believed she felt for the victims.

    I will always remember Monique from Emanuelle 5. When asked by reporters what she thought of the Moral Majority? Her character’s response was legendary. “They are another the moral nor or they the majority” Just like the Politically Correct. They are neither political nor are they correct.

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  4. I never saw any of the films where she had a starring role, and I confess I don’t remember her from the bit-parts in the films I have seen.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  1. Celebrating Cult Actress Corinne Alphen – From Pet Of The Year To “Spring Break!” – JR-Sploitation!

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