Actress / Model “Lucky Penny” Baker Was A “Genius!” Her Short But Sweet 80’s Movie Career!

Celebrating Actress / Model Penny Baker!

My “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” has been focused on Actresses with lengthy cult movie careers, but for many, an appearance in Playboy gives some the spotlight for a few years or even just a few TV and movie roles – then they move into the next phase of their careers.

Penny Baker is one of those Actresses: a big splash in Playboy, followed by a few acting roles…let’s take a look: Penny was born on October 5, 1965 in Buffalo, New York. Baker grew up on her family’s farm in Buffalo.

While growing up, she attended a modeling school in Buffalo and by the time she was thirteen she was doing modeling jobs around town.

Next, Penny entered the Modeling Association of America International competition in New York City and won!

She finished high school early, and by age sixteen Penny was working as a Model.

She moved to Chicago and applied for a job at Playboy Models. That move paid off big: Penny was chosen from 7,000 applicants to be the 30th Anniversary Playmate in the January, 1984 issue of “Playboy;”

Penny ended in Los Angeles and began a brief acting career.

She appeared in a TV movie from 1984 called “Calendar Girl Murders”:

Penny also had a small part in the comedy “Real Genius” and a more substantial role as sweet prostitute Lake in “The Men’s Club.” 

After working in the business in a variety of smaller roles across film and TV, Penny moved back to New York, received a communications degree from the University of Buffalo, and started her own marketing business.

Bravo to Penny for her successful career Modeling, and ultimately in the business sector…she’s one of many who use the Playboy spotlight to work for a few years in the entertainment industry…

Actress / Host / Model Sophie Monk said being in Playboy was a dream come true – click here to find out why:

Kelly Brook was also an Actress, TV Host and Model as well:

I discovered her in “Survival Island”, which is a fun thriller…and you can see all of her credits here:

Many of our Cult Movie Queens had career that included provocative photo shoots – case in point: Elvira:

Yes, the iconic Elvira AKA Cassandra Peterson was a Model as well…see more of her candid work by clicking on myself tory here:

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  1. Another one I had never heard of. Well done with finding them, John.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    • Thanks for reading Pete…I am now getting a lot of requests and the daily page views have soared to their highest levels, so at least these profiles are being seen! Always appreciate your comments and hope your week is off to a great start!

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  2. One of the greatest models to grace that magazine.

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