Model / Adult Star Dawn Knudsen Was A “Big Busted” Success! Celebrating Her Most Provocative Photos!

Celebrating Vintage “Nudie Cutie” Pin-Up Model Dawn Knudsen!

One of the goals of my “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” is to highlight the legendary performers of the 60’s and 70’s who were at the forefront of the sexual revolution!

Dawn Knudsen was one of the popular nude pin-ups Models and Adult “loop” Actresses – a blonde bombshell who graced many a men’s magazine cover!

She was born in Minnesota, but little exists about her personal life, because she didn’t make feature-length films that had theatrical release with that sort of promotion…

She appeared in adult films and in many of the wildest men’s magazines from 1974 to 1980.

Dawn worked in both L.A. and Miami, and in the mid-70s in the hardcore video business in the San Fernando Valley.

Dawn was hugely popular in the specialty girlie magazine industry – these were sold in specialty shops and “underneath the counter” – what a time it was!

In terms of look, to me she’s a cross between Jenna Jameson and Any Schumer!

Either way, she went from magazines to adult “loops”, short sex films that were shown in peep shows and grind house theaters of that era, as well as sold in compilations like this:

I didn’t find anything to suggest she appeared in the major men’s magazines of that time, like Playboy, Penthouse or Oui, but there are so many images online that suggest she was extremely popular in other ones…

Bravo to Dawn for a career of beautiful photos – there weren’t many from this era who had a long career – here’s another who was hugely popular at that time:

Virginal Bell was also a popular pin-Up Model – click here to see more of her revealing career:

Another voluptuous Model achieved her biggest success in the pages of Playboy:

Janet Lupo had a great career as well…see all of her highlights by clicking here:

And Patricia Farinelli may have been Playboy’s “biggest” Playmate:

The camera loved her and she loved it right back – see more of her story by clicking here:

And don’t forget who was Playboy’s first “X-rated” Playmate:

There is so much more to Susan Lynn Kiger’s career, and you can see it all by clicking on my story here:

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Bravo to Dawn Knudsen for such a terrific career!

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  1. Thanks for the introduction, John. Dawn was my kind of ‘big girl’ in every way!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Dawn was a great reason for buying the most recent of Gent and Fling. A positively stunning lady in more ways than just one.



  1. Celebrating “Nudie Cutie” Icon Pamela Green – “As Nature Intended!”! She Was A “Peeping Tom” and More! – JR-Sploitation!

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