Celebrating “Magnificent Monique” Devereaux! My “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” Lets Monique Let It All Hang Out!

Do You Know Monique Devereaux?

Well, you should!

My “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” tries to shine a spotlight on some of the great legends of “sexploitation” cinema: an era when being in certain movies could land you in jail!

Pin-Up Model and “Nudie Cutie” Actress Monique Devereaux embodies what made that era of cult cinema so special: Actresses willing to put it all out there at a time when that was a dangerous thing to do!

Monique was a “Pin Up” Model, posing for provocative photos in magazines that were literally sold “under the counter”, away from prying eyes…and would end up in calendars that seemed to be in every mechanic’s garage in the 60’s!

Monique appeared in countless “nudie cutie” magazines of the 60’s – whether lying seductely on a bearskin rug or just talking on the phone!

In addition to her nude modeling, Monique was also an Actress!

She only made four films, but they were fascinating examples of the earliest “sexploitation cinema” – beginning with a film that was nothing more than a short 8MM “loop” of her stripping nude:

“Unique” Monique Indeed!

Yes, she appeared in “loops”: short 8mm film reels you could watch in one of the few “Grindhouse” theaters open at the time – or unspooled at home on your own projector!

She made her full length motion picture debut in 1969 in a sexploitation film with a wild title:

“The Nine Ages Of Nakedness!”

Harrison Marks was a renowned Nude Photographer, and this film took you around the world on his journey to find more!

As you can imagine, this would be popular in grind house theaters across America!

The film consisted of nine comically sexy sketches in which Harrison Marks introduces the audience to his ancestors’ experiences with women through the ages – all nude of course!

In 1971 she appeared in the obscure cult film “Fornicon”…which clearly took advantage of the anti-obscenity laws at the time to get a lot of publicity for its nudity and sexuality…remember this was when XXX-rated films were still illegal.

She was truly stunning.

It was 8 years later that she appeared in a film called “Blue Perfume”…that was it for her professional credits!

Bravo to Monique for being a trailblazer in the world of erotic art…at first I thought I had done a story on Devereaux, but it was the wrong one!

You see, this is SHAWN Devereaux! Different Actors / Model, but the same career!

Click here to see more of Shawn:

Another of the early “Pin-Up” Queens was Virginia Bell, and you can see why she was so popular:

She was a legend as well – see her whole story by clicking here:

I also shared this tory of the Playmate who may have been Playboy’s “biggest” Model:

Patrician Farinelli was one of Playboy’s “biggest” Playmate – See more of her story by clicking here:

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  1. Monique is my kind of lady. I love her curvy ‘retro’ look!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. poor thing holds her breath in every photo.

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