Celebrating Actress Jessica Cameron – The “Sultana of Splat”!

Diving Into The Career Of Cult Movie Queen Jess Cameron!

I always love getting requests for my “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown”- especially when it takes me to a Cult Movie Queen who I’m not familiar with!

Meet “The Sultana of Splat!”

Yes, that’s just one of Jessica Cameron’s nicknames – I love the visual imagery of it, so let’s dig in to her film history to see why she earned it!

Actress Jessica Cameron was born and raised in Ontario, Canada and after high school moved to Toronto to study fashion at Ryerson University.

After finishing her degree, she moved to Ohio to work as a fashion designer – but after doing an acting gig, she was hooked and she was off to Hollywood!

Here are some of her more than EIGHTY film roles to date, all with a very “horrific” bent!

Her first full-length film role came as “female victim” in “The Dead Matter” in 2010, and from then on she had a string of thrillers like these:

“Save Yourself”

I can see why she got the nickname “Sultana Of Splat!”

Five female filmmakers en route to screen their new horror film in Los Angeles, experience their own real life terror when they cross paths with deranged scientist hellbent on using them for his twisted experiments.

Check out the trailer:

Here are some more of her films – some really fun poster art on display here!

She also had the chance to work with legendary director Jim Wynorski on the Syfy channel film “Camel Spiders”, the title alone makes this a “must watch!”

Cameron also played Hollywood legend Marilyn Monroe in “The Black Dahlia Haunting” – and directed and starred in this thriller:

2013 was the first year in which Cameron stepped behind the camera to direct and produce “Truth Or Dare”, which she also co-wrote – here’s the trailer:

And check out her holiday horror film “All Through the House” – as well as the action-packed “Run Like Hell” – check out the trailer:

“Mania” is another of her directorial efforts…bravo Jessica!

Here’s the story of another great Cult Actress who had a Marilyn Monroe connection:

Darcy DeMoss was a “hardbody” – click here to see why!

Jessica also reminds me of this empowered Cult Movie Queen:

Barbara Crampton has had a great movie career – and you can see all of her highlights by clicking here:

Speaking of Actresses who worked on horror films:

Debi Sue Voorhees had the same last name as Jason, and starred with him as well!

Click here for her wild story:

And here’s the story of an Actress best remembered for her ONLY horror film role:

Anna Falchi is best known for her revealing work in the film “Cemetery Man” – and you can see all of her provocative roles by clicking on my story here:

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Bravo to Jessica Cameron for a great career!

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3 replies

  1. Did Cameron ever go naked on screen?

    Also, where is that great photo of Crampton from?

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  2. Looks like she had a great career in front of the camera, and behind it too. I had never heard of any of those films, or of Jessica, but I can see why she was so popular.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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