The Mystery Of Sex Kitten Pamela Gilbert! From “Cyclone” To “Evil Spawn” – To Explicit Pictorials?

Who Was Cult Actress Pamela Gilbert?

Sometimes, a slice of cult cinema opens up a rabbit hole in which there is no escape – and that’s the case when I stumbled upon Actress Pamela Gilbert!

That’s Pamela on the right – a still from one of the few cult movies she appeared in…so why is my “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” highlighting her career?

Well, this photo gives you a clue – she was a beautiful Actress who appeared for a couple of years before disappearing forever!

This strange journey into the world of 80’s cult cinema was caused by the great Producer / Director Fred Olen Ray – because he got a great performance from Pamela in a film I saw – here’s a sneak peek!

I will explain Fred’s responsibility in this in a moment, but first: who was Pamela Gilbert and what happened to her?

I did a dive into the very deep end of the internet and found out a little about the Actress, but while doing so I also uncovered a deeper mystery – let’s take a look at what I found!

Pamela’s first filmed effort was apparently in the erotic video series “Electric Blue” in 1985 – her episode was called “Beverly Hills Wives” – but I can’t find any pictures of her.

She then had a run of films including one with Director Fred Olen Ray, this action thriller:

Pamela had the uncredited role of “Shower Girl” in the 1987 film.

Heather Thomas stars as a young woman who must deliver a top-secret motorcycle to the US military after the man assigned to deliver it, her lover, is murdered by enemy agents.

Check the trailer for this slice of Fred Olen Ray action:

Director Ray knew how to pick them: star Martin Landau would land an Oscar two years later for “Crimes & Misdemeanors!”

By the way, the Director DM’d me to say that he remembers Pamela as being very nice, easy to work with, and comfortable in the nude scenes she had…speaking of which, two more films were to come in 1987 – and they gave Pamela a chance to showcase herself more:

“Lust For Freedom”

I had never heard of this Troma film.

A former female cop is framed by corrupt police, acting in collusion with the local judge, and has to fight her way out of the pen, alone, against tough inmates, and the people in charge.

Gilbert had a few nude scenes in this film, but here is the movie that exposed me to her for the first time – thanks to Fred Olen Ray:

“Evil Spawn”

Fred Olen Ray Executive Produced this one, which is available on a terrific blu-ray that includes another cut of the film with a different title, additional scenes and a completely different plot!

A scientist is using Microbes in experiments but dies before the work is finished. An aging actress injects herself the serum and the bacterium transforms her into a hideous killer bug!

Pamela plays the hard working Assistant who decides to go skinny dipping after a long day at work:

Sadly, this night of naked fun is interrupted by a very angry bug, and that’s it for Pamela’s skinny-dipping!

Bobbe Bresee stars in the film and does a great job as well:

I took a look at this film and Bobbie’s career as well – you can see more by clicking here:

Pamela is in a couple of scenes in the film, and her acting seems effortless and natural – she exuded a star power that certainly wasn’t hurt by her extended nude scene in the pool…

Pamela’s last role was the following year in this cult film, in which she shares star billing:

“Demon Warp”

Here’s how describes the plot:

A man and his daughter are attacked in the woods by what they believe is a Bigfoot-type creature. However, they soon begin to suspect that they may have stumbled onto a nest of aliens in a hidden spacecraft!

Veteran character Actor George Kennedy stars, and Pamela had the lead female role.

So…a string of appearances that led to a starring role – stardom was just ahead, right?

Well no…after these roles, she disappeared. NOTHING.

So what happened to Pamela Gilbert? I searched and scoured the internet until I saw this:

Is This Pamela Gilbert?

You see, in trying to find out more about Actress Pamela Gilbert, the story took a strange, “not sure if its true” turn into the pages of some graphic men’s magazines of the early 80’s…thanks to the discovery of several photo shoots from 1983!

Is this Pamela a few years before her film work? I found a website that says it is.

Most of the following images are small, so it’s difficult to tell for sure..

Was she on the cover of the May 1983 issue of Hustler magazine?

A website devoted to the magazine says she was, and identifies her as going on to appear in films like “Evil Spawn!”

What makes this difficult to know for sure is the very small size of many of the images…

Why am I so fascinated? Because she had an innocent charm in “Evil Spawn”, and seemed very comfortable on camera in her role…there was a lightness to the touch, a “girl next door” vibe.

So what happened? Was Pamela a popular model in magazines like Hustler, High Society, Swank and more?

One website said she posed under the name Catherine a few times, and listed her birthday as June 4, 1965.

If anyone knows more about this Actress, please let me know – and make sure to check out the blurry of “Evil Spawn”!

Speaking of that film, I also profiled another cult Actress who was in the alternative cut of “Evil Spawn!”

It was Melissa’s movie debut – in the version titled , but it was the beginning of a great cult film career…click here for more!

I have shared profiles on Actresses who had brief runs in cult cinema, like Kimberly McArthur:

This Playmate appeared in a film with Rodney Dangerfield and a few more movies before dropping out of sight!

Click here for her story:

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Feel free to update me on anything you know about Pamela!

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8 replies

  1. Ah, ‘Electric Blue’ took me back, John. A long time ago, the company was launched here on VHS videos. One of my friends was (still is) a professional photographer, and he was asked to go to the offices to pitch for a stills job, taking photos during video filming. Those offices turned out to be three dingy rooms above a small shop in a run-down part of London. He asked me to give him a lift there in my car, and took me in with him.
    Two English guys there showed us around 20 clips from the launch videos, asked us for tips about giving the films a ‘British slant’, and treated us both like we were in the ‘Industry’.
    Eventually, he turned down the job because it wasn’t paying enough for the travelling that would have been required all around England. They intended to make lots of ‘ordinary women’ films, usually in the homes of the female ‘models’. They even implied that we might get some ‘extra benefits’ after filming and photos were over!
    At least it gave us a few laughs, many many years ago. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Those skin mag photos are definitely her. Some of which are borderline hardcore. She did a shoot with pornstar Tom Byron where she was holding his cock. Believe it or not she is now a college English professor.

    Liked by 1 person


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