Meet Julia Parton – Dolly’s Wild “High Society” Cousin!

Meet Dolly’s Wild Cousin Julia!

Sometimes the internet just drops a gift in your lap – that was the case with Julia Parton, who I didn’t know at all until her photo popped up on a social media page!

Julia has had quite the life – first, cousin to one of our most iconic personalities, Dolly Parton – and a career herself in provocative films, nude pictorials and as a men’s magazine publisher as well!

Julia was born in 1964 in Kentucky. Given her relation to Dolly, that makes sense!

This Actress / Model has used her last name to her advantage career-wise, but has also built a terrific portfolio of work on her own!

Julia got her start in the early 80’s, appearing in many “Electric Blue” videos – this company was one of the early leaders in the “VHS Erotica” field.

Soon, Julia was starring in films like these:

“Sex Games”

This XXX-rated 1983 film came at a time when theaters were giving way to home video entertainment.

Shauna Grant starred in this one as well. She had a successful career underway before her demons overtook her…you can see her story here:

Julia had a career in a number of films that were pure erotic entertainment, and some mainstream ones as well:

“Good Girls Don’t”

This 1993 film has a “Thelma & Louise” feel: Brash and gutsy stripper Bettina and mousy secretary Jeannie are framed for a murder they didn’t commit – so they go on the run!

Julia was also a very successful men’s magazine Model as well:

What about this controversy involving her cousin Dolly?

Apparently, her “homage” to her cousin got lots of headlines!

Check out this story about her “Dolly homage” and how it angered her Copusin’s fans:

According to that article, Julia had just replaced Gloria Leonard as Publisher of the magazine!

Julia kept working in print and film, racking up dozens of credits:

And what about this for a movie title?

“Sex Sluts From Beyond The Galaxy!”

Julia used the name Nina Alexander in this hardcore film – but she also appeared in mainstream movies at the time as well:

“Vice Academy Part 3”

Yes, Julia appeared in this popular series of action adventures! Female inmates escape from prison and go on a series of robberies, and it’s up to the incompetent vice squad rookies to stop them.

Ginger Lynn starred in this popular series – she managed to crossover between hard and soft films – see her career here:

And don’t forget that Elizabeth Kaitan also starred in this one:

She had a great cult film career and you can see her highlights here:

Here’s another film that Julia appeared in, alongside a legend:

“New York Nights” is the story of three women from different backgrounds who wind up sharing the same luxury apartment in New York City while looking for rich husbands.

From being the “Ivory Snow” girl to “Insatiable”, Chambers was a legend!

Click here for her whole story:

Bravo to Julia Parton for a provocative and successful career!

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Let me know your thoughts on Julia’s career!

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  1. Stella’s kinship to Dolly has been disputed many times.


  2. I had never heard of her, John. But is seems those assets do run in the family.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  3. Loved her in The Naked Detective!

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