Laura Gemser’s Shocking “Emanuelle In America”! Have You Seen This Wild Grindhouse Film?

Laura Gemser.

One of the most beautiful women of 70’s cult cinema fame. She starred in a few of the most shocking films of that era as well.

Laura was born in Surabaya Indonesia in 1950, and in the 70’s and 80’s she blazed a trail through the world of Grindhouse cinema!

Say “Cheese!”

I have been making my way through Laura’s movies, but nothing prepared me for the shocking brutality of this 1976 film by notorious Director Joe D’Amato:

While this poster slaps the film with an “R” rating, Mondo Macabro has released an uncut version that is almost TOO extreme!

Here’s the plot:

Hedonistic photojournalist Emanuelle goes undercover to expose the seedy lives of rich and powerful sex cultists and snuff film peddlers in America and Europe.

As you can see, the bad guys are on to her – and boy, are they bad!

Check out this wildly inappropriate trailer:

This film is almost a checklist of everything you can’t do in film today – when’s the last time the star of the film has a lesbian encounter that become even more crowded?

And how many films today feature a star who seems to always be dressing – and undressing?

Laura was certainly comfortable in her skin – finally, how often do you get time out in a thriller for an orgy scene?

Bravo to the Mondo Macabro team for finding an uncut, absolutely brutal version of the film – there are parts that are tough to watch, trust me…and even better, this release had a documentary about Director D’Amato – truly one of the most perverse Directors of all time!

Again, there are moments in this film where I had to turn away – some of the graphic violence against women is certainly “of its time” and really vile – but as a time capsule of Grindhouse cinema of this time, this film delivers.

Of course, I’ve shared other stories about Laura Gemser and her wild cult film career:

You can see all of her most provocative movie roles by clicking on my story here:

Here is an actress who shared this screen time with Gemser:

Actress Monica Zanchi appeared with Gemser in an “Emanuelle” film but did so much more – see her career here:

One of the funniest aspects of the “Emanuelle” series is that there were TWO series!

Sylvia Kristel was the original “Emmanuelle” – you see what they did? For Gemser’s films they just took away one “M” and created an all new character!

Click here to see all of Kristel’s terrific career:

Back to Gemser: it seems she had a knack for getting into trouble, and landing in jail:

Of course, everything in these 70’s prisons was done nude: showers, doctor’s meetings, everything!

Click here to see Gemser’s addition to this genre, and a look at some of the wildest “women in prison” films!

Some of the greatest Cult Actresses starred in “women in prison” films – like this one:

Pam Grier and Margaret Markov chained together – what a great idea for a film! They had to work together – well, except when it was time to shower:

This is a great 70’s drive-in movie, and you can see the trailer and lots more by clicking on my story here:

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Leave a comment and let me know if you’ve gone through the shock of seeing “Emanuelle In America!”

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10 replies

  1. Pity her American film seems to be the TV movie “Comeback” (shown in cinemas overseas. (You can see the movie (as “Love Is Forever”) on YouTube.)

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  2. Yes, I’ve seen many of the Gemser EMANUELE films. I got the uncut Blue Undersground version on DVD several years ago…before BluRay was so widely available. I haven’t watched it in ages. If I recall correctly, aren’t there actually a few porno inserts here and there? ( None involving Gemser, of course.) I’d like to see that documentary on D’Amato. Hmm. You may want to also check out the Gemser/D’Amato followup, EMANUELE AND THE LAST CANNIBALS for another shocking mashup of genres.

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  3. Some sources say her name was Moira Chen. Jack Parlance said she was the most gorgeous woman he ever saw. Joe Bob Briggs said she was renamed Persis Khambata for the Star Trek movie because of her sexploitation background. Riiiiight.

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  4. Laura is too yummy for words…..gorgeous. chuq

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  5. I really enjoyed the original Emmanuelle film with Sylvia. I didn’t bother to watch any of the sequels and ‘named’ rip-offs though.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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