Rebecca Ferratti Takes A Bite Out Of Jim Carrey! Her Wild Cult Film Career!

Celebrating The Empowered Career Of Rebecca Ferratti!

One of the best parts of my “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” is coming across an empowered female who you have seen in all types of entertainment!

When VHS took off in the 80’s, it opened the doors for ribald comedies, slasher films and erotic thrillers, and Rebecca’s career touched on all of them!

While none of the roles made her a star, she appeared in a LOT of films, so let’s take a look at how Rebecca Ferratti got her start…

Rebecca Ferratti was born in 1961 in the “Big Sky Country”, Montana.

As with many of the empowered women profiled here, she got her start in modeling, music videos and health and fitness as well…let’s take a look!

We got our first look at Rebecca when she was chosen as Playboy’s June 1986 Playmate Of The Month.

She used that exposure to land small roles in some of that era’s biggest hits, like this classic comedy:

Rebecca only had a small role in the cult comedy “Three Amigos!”, but she also showed up in the Eddie Murphy sequel”Beverly Hills Cop II.”

That led to her being chosen to bite Jim Carrey’s face in “Ace Ventura Pet Detective.”

This was one of her more mainstream appearances, because she seemed to have a lot of fun in the wilder end of the cinematic pool!

She was in “Cheerleader Camp” in 1988, a great example of the horror genre at the time.

Here are some of her other film roles:

These were hugely popular due to the VHS revolution, which made films like these profitable because you could rent it and watch in the privacy of your own home!

“Indecent Behavior III” is a great example of a VHS blockbuster: made expressly for the lucrative “watch at home” VHS market, as well as late night pay cable. – you know, “skinamax” Shannon Tweed owned this category:

She went from a Playmate to a “VHS Superstar!” See my story here:

Rebecca has worked with some of the top fashion photographers in the world: Alberto Tolot, Harry Langdon, Helmut Newton, John Zimmerman and Ken Marcus.

Rebecca was an accomplished Dancer and was in over 25 music videos in that era, for bands like Mötley Crüe, Cheap Trick, Aerosmith and David Lee Roth!

Rebecca appeared in Playboy videos and transitioned into the exercise field as well – she exudes a positive attitude and expects it foremothers as well. As she said:

“I hate jealousy, it gets you nowhere! If more people liked themselves for who they are and what they can contribute to the world in a positive way, then I believe there would be less jealousy in the world. If you cannot talk positive with an intelligent tongue keep your dirty mouth shut.”

Ferratti reminds me of another Cult Actress who acted at that time:

Sybil Danning is an Icon – from “Hercules” to showing with Linda Blair!

You can click on my story to see more of her work:

Here’s another multi-faceted talent from that era:

Victoria Silvstedt had a career in magazines and erotic thrillers – and I got her “wet”, too!

Click here to see the goofy story!

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  1. Nice write-up as always. One small mistake I noticed – IMDB has her birthday as 1961. It jumped out at me because I didn’t think she was 12 when she was in Playboy.

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  2. I have seen ‘Ace Ventura’, but I confess I didn’t remeber Rebecca.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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