Cult Actress Karen Witter Was “Dead & Buried!” Her Playboy Pictorial As Well!

Celebrating Actress Karen Witter!

One of my Facebook friends shared this photo on a cult movie page, and it made me want to know more about Actress Karen Witter!

My “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” has her career highlights!

Karen was born in 1961 in Long Beach California, just a few miles south of Hollywood.

Witter went to collect and studied Psychobiology, the study of how thoughts and feelings from the brain affect the body. While still in school, she took an acting class up in Hollywood. 

Well, she got the bug and that was it for Med school – Hollywood was calling!

Her first brush with fame came when she was named Playmate Of The Month for the March 1982 issue of Playboy.

She later ended up as part of a trio of Playmates on the cover as well!

Her exposure in Playboy led to roles in hit TV shows like “Dukes Of Hazzard” and “Falcon Crest”, as well as the daytime soap opera “One Life To Live”, but it’s her cult film career I want to focus on:

“Mortuary Academy”

Talk about a poster “of its time!” describes this as a “Police Academy” clone, about some nerds who inherit an academy for morticians, which is run by a corrupt closet necrophiliac.

She also had a role in this drive-in action film:

Listen to this plot!

The evil criminal leader Kendrick has kidnapped an elderly biochemist who holds the secret to creating a biological superweapon. The only person who can possibly stop Kendrick and his gang is L. A. cop Sam Kettle and martial arts master Jun Kim (uncle of a little girl also kidnapped by Kendrick)!


Linda Blair starred in this one – what a run of 80’s exploitation films she had!

See all of her most revealing work by clicking here:

And what about this tasty 1989 horror film?

“The Vineyard” has just been remastered on blu-ray!

World famous winemaker, Elson Po, invites several actors to his estate to audition for a movie he’s financing. Little do they know, there is no movie, and Po hides a deadly secret.

It seems he’s hiding a lot of chained women in his dungeon like Karen!

That same year she was in this horror film as well:

The new teacher at an old girl’s boarding school suspects that something goes wrong when students start missing.

These films were easily available on VHS during this time, so I probably saw a lot more of Witter than I realized, like this one!


Karen also appeared in this 1991 horror film, a master of disguise deranged killer begins killing off the college students who are organizing a horror-movie marathon in an abandoned theater.

Witter seemed to have a refreshingly open and spiritual view of life – she did study Psychobiology after all…as she said:

“When I look at the wildly innovative creativity that is in nature, I see how much this divine universe loves to play in new and fresh ways! Being playful allows me to be an open conduit for this unbounded, novel, ingenious divine, fun, effortless, exciting, and full of laughter and wisdom [energy]!”

Witter still works today, going by her married name Karen Lorre. She has since divorced, but kept the name.

She was one of several Playmates who turned exposure in the magazine into a long career:

India Allen had a great run of cult films, including one with Julie Strain that ended up in the “crapper”!

Click here to see why:

And let’s not forget this Playmate who also was part of her own “Vineyard”:

Lisa Welch went from Playboy to acting to winemaking!

Click here for her story:

And some Actresses posed for Playboy after they were already successful:

Mimi Rogers was married to Tom Cruise, and has had a provocative movie career as well…see her most revealing here:

Speaking of great cult 90’s films, how about this one?

Natasha Henstridge was a nude alien in the wildly entertaining “Species!”

Click here to see more of her revealing career:

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Let me know if you’ve enjoyed Witter onscreen!

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  1. I hadn’t heard of her, or the films. But she was certainly a ‘looker’!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. A real beauty! Loved her appearance on “The Dukes of Hazzard” and her movies “Buried Alive” and “The Vineyard”. Karen had a natural charm about herself.

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