“Game Show Model” Rae Sperling Gave Out Her Goodies! One Actress Went To #1 On The Pop Charts!

“You’ve seen them give out prizes on Daytime TV – now see the goodies they give out at night!”

This classic sexploitation poster from the 70’s knows what you want to see – and it delivers!

Actress Rae Sperling is one of the “Game Show Models” who give it out in a classic drive-in sexploitation movie from the 70’s!

Game Show Models sex movie

Bravo To “Vinegar Syndrome” For Showcasing These “Game Show Models!”

If you are a fan of cult cinema, this is the movie for you…a story that tears the band-aid off of the seedy underbelly of Hollywood…and includes a man having sex with a woman wearing THIS mask!

cult game show modesl movie

OK, let’s be honest: “Game Show Models” is just another great example of 1970’s sexploitation: movies that feature posters stuff with double entendres, and lots of beautiful young women:

Some of the most popular exploitation films of the 70’s covered secret worlds, like Models – in this case a story about the world of working as a “Game Show Model” – with all of the wild mishaps and adventures that come with it!

The film’s sexploitation poster mentions at the bottom that Actress Rae Sperling stars as “chick”:

Cult Actress Sperling does a great job in the film, which mixes some goofy comedy with a bit of social commentary – in very cult movie form! And don’t forget there’s a sex scene with someone wearing this!

The poster for the film promises lots of fun, and that’s what the movie delivers. The plot is designed to get you inside this “secret” world where there is much undressing and angst, along with funny bits that keep the pace fast moving.

Rae only made one other film, another classic slice of sexploitation from that era:

Click here to see Rae Sperling’s other revealing movie performance, and what happened after:

And ready to have your mind blown?

This was the motion picture debut for Actress / Singer Thelma Houston!

Houston went on to appear in a number of mainstream film and TV projects, and she also was a #1 hit Singer!

Her cover of the song “Don’t Leave Me This Way” became her only #1 pop hit in 1977 and was ranked #2 on VH1’s 100 Greatest Dance Songs Of All Time!

“Game Show Models” was the perfect drive-in movie of its time: lots of sex and nudity – all staged of course – and a number of cult film regulars in the movie as well.

Cheryl ‘Rainbeaux’ Smith had an uncredited role as a Model: she was in a wide range of films and TV projects into the 70’s and 80’s:

Smith starred in an X-rated “Cinderella” before tragedy struck – see her story here:

“Game Show Models” is just one of many jobs that have been covered in the exploitation film genre:

Yes, Nurses were “uncovered” quite extensively in 70’s cult cinema as well…including Candice Rialson:

She had a wild cult career and you can see all of her highlights here:

Another great 70’s cult genre featured Stewardesses, and yes, every poster had sexual innuendo about “flying the friendly skies”:

They were indeed! Click here to see more of the stars from this wild genre!

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  1. Rae had an amazing body, a body that was destined to be in front of a camera. Thanks for the tribute, John.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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