Cult Actress Roberta Vasquez Was “Fit To Kill!” VERY Fit! Here Are Her Biggest Hits!

Celebrating the Empowered Career Of Roberta Vasquez!

First, here is how one website describes Roberta:

“Gorgeously buxom, sultry and voluptuous brunette looker”

Who can argue with that?

My “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” is celebrating Roberta’s great career, from Martial Artist to Playboy Playmate and kick-ass Action Star!

Roberta Vasquez was born in 1963 in Los Angeles, California. She’s of Spanish descent.

Robert got her start as a California State Patrol Officer, and gained a reputation as a dedicated bodybuilder and martial artist as well.

However, those looks couldn’t be kept off camera!

Roberta began to model and was the Playboy Playmate of the Month in the November 1984.

Vasquez subsequently appeared in a handful of “Playboy” videos and special edition magazines – as you can see, the camera loved Roberta…

She popped up in the music video for “Born in East L.A.” by Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong, before having a nice run of kick-ass 80’s and 90’s action films directed by Andy Sidaris!

“Picasso Trigger!”

Director Andy Sidaris never saw a prop that he couldn’t blow up, or a woman who couldn’t kick ass – while naked!

Check out the trailer:

Roberta portrayed sexy villainess Pantera in this 1988 action gem…which featured plenty of other stars showing it all off…like Dona Speir:

Vasquez then played Federal agent Nicole Justin in four additional films for Sidaris, beginning with “Guns”, also starring Erik Estrada and Dona Speir:

As you can see, the common themes of these films are espionage, explosions and empowered women, who happen to be naked!

Dona Speir had a great run of Sidaris films – and you see her wildest ones here:

Next up for Vasquez, another terrific action thriller:

“Do or Die!”

Yep, add Pat Morita to the Sidaris mix and you have another action romp!

Check out the trailer with the toughest sounding announcer you will ever hear:

This 1991 was seen mostly on home video, as the VHS market devoured films like this, made much more enjoyable by watching at home!

“Hard Hunted!”

In this 1993 Sidaris film, an international arms dealer will stop at nothing to retrieve a stolen Chinese nuclear relay hidden in a jade Buddha figurine. It’s up to a group of undercover federal agents stationed in Hawaii to stop it falling into the wrong hands.

Here is the trailer:

All the same beats are hit in this one, but they were good, naughty mindless fun, weren’t they? And they gave Roberta a steady job for years!

Finally, Roberta completed her run of Sidaris films with one that really seemed to capture who she was as a person:

“Fit to Kill!”

Stolent diamonds and Nazis…what more do you need?

Check out the trailer:

Roberta had the chance to act with legend Julie Strain in this film, and still had lots of her own screen time to show off as well:

After this string of Sidaris film, Roberta’s work tapered off, but she still occasionally appears as a guest at cult film conventions.

Check out this photo celebrating the career of Director Andy Sidaris:

Yep, there’s Roberta and Julie Strain as well…Julie was an Icon, and her death stunned the cult film world…you can see a celebration of her life and work by clicking on my story here:

Roberta was a Martial Artist, and it showed up in her films…I also told you about this”sex kitten” who stopped acting and became an incredible stunt woman!

Karen Price worked on some of the best “B” movies of the 80’s, na you can see them all by clicking on my story about her right here:

Here’s another Cult Movie Queen who had a nice run with Andy Sidaris:

Devin DeVasquez showed off her “guns” and more1

See her greatest hits here:

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Let me know how many of Roberta’s empowered films you’ve had the chance to see!

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  1. We these movies back… If “The 355” had taken this route, Jessica Chastain would’ve had a blockbuster on her hands. instead the precise opposite…

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  2. I have a Sidaris 12 pack DVD on my shelf for years now, but I’ve only seen 3 so far.

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  3. I had never heard of Roberta, but I was ‘delighted to meet her’!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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