Actress Karin Mani Is An “Alleycat!” My “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” Has Her Story!

Celebrating An 80’s Cult Movie Queen!

One of the great things about social media is making friends who share common interests – like cult film!

My Facebook friend Angel just saw a film and wanted me to see if I could find out a bit more about the lead Actress – my pleasure!

This is Karin Mani.

Karin’s biography doesn’t list a date of birth, but her first acting role was in 1978.

Mani had a short acting career, with only 8 credits, but it included the film that sparked Angele’s interest because it popped in more ways than one – let’s take a look!

Karin started out with a guest appearance on the TV show “What’s Happening!”, followed by the TV mini-series “From Here to Eternity”.

She made her film debut with a small part in the 1983 comedy “Utilities.”

But it was this next film, the one that Angel finally saw recently, that revealed an empowered and provocative Karin Mani!

This is a shot from the film that hinted at what was to come, because Mani was indeed an “Alleycat!”

Karin Mani “Owns The Night!”

This was a real “star making” turn – the lead in an erotic action thriller from the mid-80’s, when these films were the rage!

Karin’s a martial artist who stops a street gang from stealing her car, but her grandmother ends up being killed by the same gang. She takes matters into her own hands and dispenses her own style of justice!

Check out the trailer:

I confess that I haven’t seen this film, and am profiling it because Angel thought it was worth the effort…as far as I can tell, he must be right, because apparently Karin and her co-stars stay very, very clean in the film:

The internet is filled with stills from “Alleycat” – not of the action sequences, but of the showers!

Apparently she needed to wash up A LOT!

There are a number of stills attributed to Mani, but it’s always hard to tell when decades have gone by…next up, another cult film:

She appeared in the 1984 cult film “The Slavers”.

A man searches for a missing woman who has been kidnapped by a deranged Professor with sinister intentions.

Almost nothing exists online about this film, but her next role was in a cult gem:

“Avenging Angel!”

Funny that it was my friend Angel who asked about the Actress, who ended up in an “Angel” movie!

It turned out to be Karin’s last movie credit – a brief role as an ill-fated undercover cop in the 1985 sequel “Avenging Angel.” 

She had another shower scene, which was expected for this era of exploitation film.

There’s nothing online suggesting why she stopped acting – but a clue is that she got married, which may be the reason. But she didn’t stop working in the business!

She had a unique off-camera role around this time – as Karin Mani Flattery, she was Line Producer on a number of music videos like “Sussudio” and 3 others by Phil Collins, as well as Line Producer on a Hall & Late TV special!

Bravo to Karin for a brief but fun run in cult cinema!

She reminds me of another empowered Actress of that time:


Jillian Kessner also kicked some serious ass while wearing little or nothing in this 80’s action gem – check it out here:

And let’s not forget the “Queen of 80’s Exploitation” – an unlikely choice:

Linda Blair!

Yes, she was in the great 70’s horror film “The Exorcist”, but in the 80’s she had a string of classic exploitation films – oh, and she posed topless too!

See her story here:

Another of the great 80’s “Scream Queens” was in a film with Blair:

Linnea Quigley is an Icon, and you can see all of her greatest hits, including her wild exercise video, by clicking on my story here:

Finally, since we Brough up “Avenging Angel”, here’s another of the Actresses in the series:

Lynda Wiesmeier had a fun career in cult cinema and you can see it all by clicking on my story here:

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Let me know if you’ve seen any of these films, and I you’d like me to profile one of your favorite Cult Movie Queens!

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  1. Completely new to me, John. But as always, you did her proud.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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