Celebrating Actress/Singing Sensation Sabrina Salerno! Her Greatest “Wardrobe Malfunction!”

Celebrating An Italian Sex Kitten!

My “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” goes around the world to discover empowered women in entertainment, and that’s how I discovered Sabrina Salerno!

Some of my Facebook friends post images highlighting film and TV shows, and that’s how I discovered Sabrina – who has a hugely successful career!

She was born Norma Sabrina Salerno on March 15, 1968 in Genoa Italy.

As the terrific IMDB.com website notes, she got into entertainment at a young age, competing in beauty pageants by the time she was 15 years old.

In 1986, Sabrina appeared on the Spanish TV show “Premiatissima” as a show girl and then got a role on a show called “Grand Hotel.”

According to IMDB, that’s where she met DJ / Producer Claudio Cecchetto.

He produced a song for her called “Sexy Girl” – and her career was off and running!

A search online finds a ton of beach pics, so she was clearly a sun worshipper – but over the next few years she became an international pop sensation and an Actress as well!

One of her earliest roles was in this sexy gem:

“Delirium” was directed by Lamberto Brava, and was the story of a woman who runs a Men’s magazine. The shocking thriller has a killer murdering the magazine’s Models and sending those photos to the Publisher!

In 1989 she starred in the anthology film “Fratelli d’Italia”, which was an anthology of three stories all centered on a car rented by three different characters.

Sabrina was much more than an Actress: she is a hugely successful singer and has stayed on the music charts throughout her career – and she was a very popular Model as well:

Now, one more unique aspect of her career – as this gif shows, she is rambunctious with a complete disregard for her clothing!

Sabrina’s Wardrobe Malfunction!

The Singer is now legendary for one specific performance!

This last fun fact is thanks to IMDB: as they report, Sabrina became famous in Spain when she appeared on a 1987 New Year’s Eve TV special – and this happened!

That night, she suffered a “wardrobe malfunction” when her right breast kept bouncing out of her low-cut top during a performance of the track “Hot Girl”!

Bravo Sabrina for an incredible career!

Speaking of her early film “Delirium” remember who’s tarred in it?

The stunningly beautiful Actress Serena Grandi starred, and what a career she had!

Click here to see her biggest roles:

And speaking of European sex kittens, what about Debora Caprioglio:

This Actress had a provocative career and you can see it all by clicking here:

One last Actress who made empowered and bold choices in her career:

She made some terrific cult films – and appeared in “Flash Gordon” as well!

Click here to see her career:

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Let me know if you’ve experienced the music or acting of Sabrina! – and here’s a clip of her performing – enjoy!

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  1. Oh goodness….now that is a spicy meatball….I would like to see more of her….thanx great post. chuq

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  2. She had a big hit in the UK with her song ‘Boys Boys Boys’. I didn’t know she was also an actress. Over here, she was promoted as a pop star.

    Best wishes, Pete.

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