Happy Birthday Seka – The “Platinum Princess”! “Inside” Her Great Adult Film Career!

Celebrating “The Platinum Princess Of Porn!”

Happy 68th birthday to one of adult cinema’s most iconic stars!

One of the more enjoyable aspects of my “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” is that I get to learn more about some of the Cult Movie Queens of an earlier era…

The Iconic “Seka!”

The “Golden Age” of adult cinema was the 70’s, and many of us were too young to experience it at the time – but thanks to home video and streaming, we can see some of the legends in action!

Seka adult film star sex kitten

“Seka” was born Dorothiea Hundley on April 15, 1954 in Radford, Virginia.

She ended up booming one of the most legendary adult film stars of all time…let’s take a look!


Here’s a look at her legend: apparently, she first got into the adult business after she ran an adult bookstore and complained to suppliers that she looked better than the stars of the books and movies she was selling!

seka adult film star credits

As she herself said:

“I had seven adult bookstores in Virginia and Maryland that I owned. In the back of the stores at that time, you had the movies and you would have to loop the movies. So I would have to fix the movies when they broke and of course, I ended up watching a lot of movies. Well, I saw these ladies doing adult films back then and felt that was a nasty representation of women. I thought to myself that I can do it and do it better than that. That is how I came into the industry.”

So the legend was true!

Now, about her name.

She took her stage name “Seka” from a Serbo-Croatian term of endearment for a little girl, similar to “little sweetheart” or “little darling”.

adult film star Seka

In a career that last decades, Seka ended up with 79 movie credits…and so many incredible photos like this:

Here are some of her most famous adult films:

“X-Rated Hottest New Star!”

That’s how adult film fans met Seka – starring opposite John C. Holmes – the legendary Johnny Wadd in “Blonde Fire!”

Seka sex kitten countdown

She was on her way!

By 1979, she had 11 movie credits that year alone!

Savvy Movie Producers knew what they had – this next poster calls her:

“The hottest, most beautiful star to ever appear in an adult motion picture!”

It’s hard to argue with that – the camera loved her and she had an 80’s glossy sheen not seen in adult film of the 70’s!

Adult sex star Seka
sex star Seka

She co-directed “Inside Seka”, and we all know those “Inside” films are always made to celebrate an Adult Film Star’s massive success…

Seka adult sex star

Seka didn’t waste a minute of her fame – in fact, in 1980 alone she had 22 movie credits – this next film should have been titled to reflect her work ethic!

Seka was one of the Adult Super Stars who appeared in “Exhausted: John C. Holmes, The Real Story” in 1981.

This is a fascinating look at the Adult Icon – in fact, watch the movie “Boogie Nights” to see how much it was based on Holmes and his life!

Seka ultimately starred in more than 200 adult videos – with a “break” in 1982, when she stopped shooting sex movies, saying they wouldn’t pay her what she wanted, and instead went the nightclub stripping route as well as and nude modeling.

She also admitted that the HIV epidemic in the mid-1980s contributed to her decision to avoid the hardcore sex scene, saying:

“That’s why I don’t make movies any more . . . I like to live.”

She was known as the Platinum Princess of Porn – and that title sure fit.

In 2013, she released her autobiography about her life and career, “Inside Seka.”

Back to “Boogie Nights”. In the DVD commentary for the film, director Paul Thomas Anderson says that Seka was the main inspiration for his character “Amber Waves”, played by Julianna Moore.

julianna moore amber waves
Seka Porn Star

One last credit: Seka took part in the 2012 documentary “After Porn Ends”, about life after being in the adult film business.

Bravo to Seka for an incredible life and career…one of the all-time greats…just like this Icon:

Marilyn Chambers behind the green door sex scenes

Marilyn Chambers became a pop culture sensation with her role in “Behind The Green Door”, and she went on to have an incredible career.  Same with Desiree Cousteau and Jennifer Welles. Click each of the stories below to see each of their fascinating lives:

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porn star legend seka

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  1. Seka has to be one of the best-known Porn Queens of all time. She was a ‘household name’ in the UK in her heyday.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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