Got Milk? Jordan Carver Did! Here’s The Story Of A Social Media Star!

Celebrating An Empowered Model And Media Star!

As I highlight empowered women in cult cinema, I’ve also highlighted women who have built a brand across all kinds of media, and that’s the case with Jordan Carver!

She was born Ina-Maria Schnitzer in 1986 near Luxembourg Germany, and according to, she got her start in a hotel management training program, but quickly realized there was more to life than that – and started modeling!

After achieving success in Europe, Jordan won a contest to be the Spokesmodel for the racing set. company Cobra.

By the end of 2010, she was a star, and was named the second most popular New Model on the Internet by Break.

Got Milk?

This must have been a very popular endorsement deal!Jordan began doing TV appearances in Germany in 2012 and was one of the early Internet Entrepreneurs, including Spokeswoman for milk!

Note: a FB reader thinks this is a photoshopped topless shot – so warning it may not be here but no disrespect intended.

This series of ads in Germany certainly got everyone’s attention…

She balanced the more provocative modeling work with some really fascinating reality TV projects as well:

In the summer of 2013, Carver was on the German reality show 

Wild Girls – Auf High Heels durch Afrika – which translated to:

“Wild Girls – In High Heels Through Africa!”

She spent a month living in the Namibia desert!

She created and starred in a “Yoga For Beginners” project as well – and next up was a movie!

In 2013 she appeared in the film “Who Killed Johnny?”

She made other TV appearances as well, but Jordan’s main claim to fame was her series of endorsement deals and social media presence.

Even though she was more popular than ever, in 2017 she stepped away from “Jordan Carver” and went back to her birth name.

Jordan is one of many empowered Business women who have built a career using themselves as a brand:

Sophie Howard was a Pin-Up Superstar – see her career highlights by clicking here:

Here’s another social media sensation:

Amberleigh West had a series of provocative photos and a terrific career – see the highlights by clicking here:

Amberleigh has been very successful so far, and she reminds me of a British Pinup Model who has also had a great career:

Lucy Pinder is an Icon, and was once voted “the world’s best breasts!” You can see all of her best work by clicking on my profile of her right here:

Kelly Brook is also a popular actress, Model and TV star – and has had some terrific films as well:

She’s quite a personality, you can click here to see her most revealing roles:

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  1. Ye–wow… milk indeed. Thanx chuq


  2. I had never heard of her, but very glad to see your great feature! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. First time I’ve heard of her too, but glad I have now. Thanks John for this great site!

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  4. Holy crap! That is the perfect woman. Someone to hold onto tight in bed and if your ship sinks. 😳



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