Celebrating “Nudie Cutie” Icon Pamela Green – “As Nature Intended!”! She Was A “Peeping Tom” and More!

Celebrating A “Nudie Cutie” Icon!

First, thanks of fellow Facebook cult film fan Colin for this! He gave me the idea of diving into this story!

One of the most interesting parts of my “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” is discovering the legends of cult cinema, and thanks to Colin, I found out about Pamela Green!

The history of “nudie cutie” cinema is fascinating to me, because savvy Entrepreneurs found ways to skirt censorship laws and create provocative entertainment like this!

They were some of the earliest films that showed nudity legally, and they were just one reason that Pamela Green became a superstar!

Pamela was born Phyllis Pamela Green in 1929 in London.

She grew up studying art and photography, and as the terrific website IMDB.com points out, the magazine “Kamera” was created by Pamela along with George Harrison Marks in the late 50’s – and became hugely successful and influential in photography that highlighted the “human form”…

Look at this 1960 calendar…I can imagine these hanging in every Dad’s garage by the workbench!

So how did Pamela Green go from “Kamera” to “Nudie Cutie?”

She busted out in such a big way that the terrific cult film magazine Femme Fatale even did a cover story on her – let’s take a look at this fascinating career!

The magazine “Kamera” was incredibly provocative at this time – it was a magazine sold “under the counter” and on the edge of breaking obscenity laws, as nudity was still not considered “artistic” but “purient” – so staying out of jail was a an ongoing process for these “influencers” of their time.

Pamela moved from print to film – she made her motion picture debut in a film so provocative that it ended the career of one of England’s greatest Directors!

Pamela Green appeared as one of the ill-fated models in the notorious 1960 shocker “Peeping Tom!”

Director Michael Powell was known for brilliant films like “The Red Shoes”, but this film ruined his career!

But the film’s reputation didn’t hurt Pamela at all, in fact it was her “nature documentary” the following year that cemented her role in pop culture history!

Naked As Nature Intended” was a “nudie cutie” sensation – a “documentary” showing life as a nudist…this was the type of film that skirted obscenity laws and gave audiences what they wanted to see – naked people on the big screen!

The film was directed by the notorious George Harrison Marks – what a wild career he had!

This Photographer also delivered films that showcased the female body in numerous ways…mostly like this!

Marks continued with a series of “documentaries” all purporting to show you a wild wild world you wish you lived in!

Pamela Green ultimately wrote a fully illustrated book about how her breakthrough film got made called “Naked as Nature Intended: The Epic Tale of A Nudist Film” – in 2013!

Green continued to be a hugely popular Pin-Up Model, and appeared in a number of “documentaries” as well, but never really transitioned into serious acting.

Her last film was “Legend Of The Werewolf” in 1975.

Green has had a huge influence in the erotic photography genre, and is an Icon to be sure!

Sadly, in May of 2010, Pamela died of leukemia.

She was a stunningly beautiful trailblazer….I’ve covered other Icons of this early era as well:

June Wilkinson looked a lot like Pamela – and at one point was the “most photographed nude in America!”

Click here for her story:

Another early “Nudie Cutie” had a Russ Meyer connection!

Eve Meyer was married at one point to the famous Director – see her wild story here:

Here’s another early trailblazer of “nudie cutie: fame:

See all of Shawn’s biggest hits by clicking here:

And Dawn Knudsen may not be as well known, but she also was a “big busted” success:

She was huge in the world of men’s magazines – click here to see more:

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  1. One of the first to shave.
    Lovely lady. RIP.. 🌹


  2. I know Pamela from Peeping Tom of course, one of my favourite films, and an oustanding British classic.
    I love that film, and gave it a 5-star review on my blog.

    Retro Review: Peeping Tom (1960)

    Great feature, John!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Wow, that’s a super tribute John. Wasn’t Pamela stunning and indeed a lovely lady too.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Great write up. Thanks! Her feature in Femme Fatales is great too.

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