Phyllis Davis Was “Sweet Sugar!” This Cult Actress Went To “Vega$” Too!

“The searing sting of the whip burned the brand of hate into her heart!”

How can you pass up a film that has that claim in the trailer! I’ll show you that in a moment, but first, let’s celebrate Actress Phyllis Davis, who had a great career in mainstream TV and film and some cult gems as well!

My “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” profiles an Actress who achieved the great American dream: Hollywood stardom!

Phyllis Davis was born in 1940 in Texas…after growing up there, she headed to Hollywood to find stardom – and did she ever!

She got her start doing bit roles in TV shows like “Petticoat Junction”, and some uncredited roles in films like “Spinout” and “The Swinger” – but it was Cult Director Russ Meyer who showcased her first in his 1970 film “Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls!”

Russ Meyer turned the campy “Valley Of The Dolls” on its head for a wild look at Hollywood at the beginning of the 70’s…

It was the next year that Phyllis made her mark in cult cinema with this gem:

Phyllis Is “Sweet Sugar!”

I appreciate the companies that are continuing to put out classic “drive-in” far like this – these films are great action films with the requisite “B” movie conventions.

1972’s “Sweet Sugar” is a classic “women in prison” exploitation film – as the trailer notes:

“The searing sting of the whip burned the brand of hate into her heart!”

Check it out!

After being set up by a crooked Politician, Sugar is put on a chain gang run by the notorious Dr. John – who performs cruel medical experiments on the people who work for him, although in this case he just undresses Phyllis!

Of course, it IS prison, which means Sugar ends up in chains – and as all “women in prison” fans know, they take a LOT of showers in jail!

I loved “Sweet Sugar” – and Phyllis commands the screen – here is a look at more of her credits!

While also appearing in a wide variety of TV shows, she also continued to make cult films – the next year she appeared in “Terminal Island”:

Davis worked in a wide variety of films, including roles in mainstream films like “The Day of the Dolphin” (1973), and “The Choirboys” (1977), among others…but it was TV that made her an even bigger star by the end of the 70’s…

She co-starred in the huge hit TV series “Vega$”. Davis played Beatrice Travis, secretary and Girl Friday of Dan Tanna (Robert Urich), the private investigator who was the show’s main character.

She was in all 66 episodes of the show from 1978 to 1981 on ABC.

Davis also acted in “Magnum PI”, “The Love Boat” and many other shows as well throughout her career, but it was “Sweet Sugar” that captured my attention!

Tragically, she died of cancer in 2013 at the age of 73, but had a great career in film and TV of all kinds…

That era of film gave us so many classic stars, perhaps the greatest of all Claudia Jennings:

She had such a great film career underway when tragedy struck…see the whole story here:

As I mentioned, Davis worked with Director Russ Meyer, who also put many of his wives in his films as well:

Eve Meyer also had a great career going when tragedy struck…her her fascinating story here:

Here’s another interesting Cult Movie Queen from the 70’s:

Roberta Collins had “Caged Heat” and so much more!

See her best work here:

In the 70’s, there were so many Actresses who worked in film and TV but never had that “starring role”…

Tara Strohmeier appeared in some great cult films, and you can see more of here career by clicking on my story here:

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7 replies

  1. Phyllis was always a fave of mine. Among her bits were The Last of the Secret Agents and Lord Love a Duck. She was also featured in Love American Style as Stuart Margolin’s object of affection in the blackouts.
    The last I saw her was as on of the passengers in Under Siege 2. “We’re saved” was her big line.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I usually don’t mention the mainstream films on my blog, focusing on their “cult film” work…in the case of “US2” I hate Steven Seagal so much I don’t want to mention him if I can avoid it. And yes, I speak from personal interactive experience.


  2. Phyllis was under-rated and under-appreciated. She deserved starring roles. Her beauty still amazes me to this day. She is the main reason i still enjoy watching reruns of VEGA$ to this day.

    Liked by 1 person


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