Cult Actress Crystin Sinclaire Had “Caged Heat!” Celebrating Her Short But Provocative Career!

Celebrating A 70’s Cult Movie Queen!

One aspect of my “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” that I always point out is the fact that I try to pay tribute to some of the lesser-known Actresses of a bygone cinematic era – even if they didn’t have major starring roles, they make every cult film better!

Don’t be shocked – it’s true! Crystin Sinclaire didn’t appear in many films, but boy, she picked some timeless cult gems!

She was born Lynda Gold in 1951, but little else is known about her childhood – that’s OK, because her films have left a great legacy!

Sinclaire may not be well-remembered by mainstream film fans, but she should be, as among her 13 onscreen credits are some great exploitation films – like this classic!

Sinclaire’s debut was as the uninhibited Crazy Alice in Jonathan Demme’s 1974 women-in-prison film “Caged Heat!”

Check out this wild trailer!

It’s a classic “women in prison” film, where the sex and nudity are non-stop, except when there are jail breaks and catfights – or showers and baths!

More on this film later, but next up for Crystin:

“Dirty O’Neil” is the story of a cop in a small California town – who has to deal with an assault against a young woman.

Check out the trailer for this 1974 drive-in classic:

Jean Manson was in this one as well – I’ve profiled her career as well:

Manson had a wild cult film career and more!

Click here to see it all:

Sinclaire also played a prostitute in the World War II action film “Hustler Squad.”

One of her most well known films is this shocking thriller directed by Tobe Hooper:

It’s the story of a hotel owner in rural Texas who feeds his guests to alligators!

Check out the trailer:

Hooper was coming off his masterpiece “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, and carved out a great career in the horror genre.

Next up for Cristin was a part in a film that had a classic poster!

In 1977, Crystal appeared in the shocker “Ruby”, with Janet Baldwin playing Piper Laurie’s mute daughter who becomes possessed by the vengeful spirit of a vicious gangster…the film was a huge hit, and Janit was immortalized in the poster!

Janit Baldwin also appeared with Sissy Spacek as drugged prostitutes in the gritty film “Prime Cut.”

See more of her great career here:

Crystin’s last role was in the made-for-TV film “Portrait of A Stripper,” and had a few other film and TV appearances as well, but sadly, that was about it for her cult film career.

At the end of the 70’s Sinclaire left the entertainment business!

Bravo to her for a great run of cult films, most still available today!

Roberta Collins was just one of the great Cult Actresses who appeared in “Caged Heat!” She had a terrific career that you can see here:

Erica Gavin was a “Vixen” but so much more as well!

Gavin was also in “Caged Heat” – here’s a look at her great career!

Finally, Actress Cheryl Smith was also “Caged Heat” – and she ended up as an X-rated “Cinderella” as well:

She appeared in so many great cult films, but Cheryl had a tragic life – see her story here:

As for Cristin’s film “Eaten Alive”, it as just 4 years later than a cannibal horror film was released with the same name:

The Cult Actress My My Lai starred in this one – what a career she had!

She her most provocative films here:

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  1. I always liked Lynda Gold, Crystin Sinclaire, or whatever she called herself at the time. She should have had a great career in “B” land. Oh, before I go, Hustler Squad rocked!

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  2. You gave her a great tribute, John. And always good to see ‘Prime Cut’ get another mention. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. I never noticed until now that the shower from “Caged Heat” is the same one as in “Alley Cat (1984)” (at18 min 52 sec). Thought at first you made an error, but nope, different camera angle and actresses.

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