Cult Actress Amber Newman Had “Sexual Magic!” Her Wild Cinematic Gems!

Celebrating A Campy Cult Movie Queen!

First of all, thanks for the recommendation to look into the career of Cult Movie Queen Amber Newman!

As part of my “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown”, I’ve gotten requests to highlight some of the Actresses who aren’t as well known – but vital to the history of the cult movie industry…I didn’t know Amber Newman, but glad I met her!

Amber was born in Tipp City Ohio, and she graduated from Butler High School in Vandalia, Ohio in 1994. The following year, she was in Hollywood, where she broke into the then-lucrative world of direct-to-video erotic thrillers:

Amber has 40 screen credits, most of which were in cult films that aired on late night pay cable or were “VHS” releases, as the home video craze led to wild wild films to watch at home like these!

She made her movie debut in the 1995 film “Lap Dancer” where she played, you guessed it – a lap dancer!

That same year she was in a TV series called “Erotic Confessions” – classic “SKINAMAX” pay cable fare!

“Evil Ambitions” in 1996 is just another example of the erotic horror films she appeared in throughout the 90’s.

And look who else she acted for!

Co-star Monique Parent was also a popular Cult Actress at that time, and had a long string of “VHS” erotic dramas like this one:

See all of Monique’s best film roles by clicking on my story here:

“Lust For Frankenstein”

Amber worked again for Franco in this 1998 erotic horror film:

Cult Movie Queen Michelle Bauer starred alongside Franco’s life partner Lina Romay – you can see all of Michelle’s terrific cult movie career by clicking here:

These films were popular on the home video market s well all late night pay TV, and clearly she was working with some of the best known names of that era….this film came in 1999:

“Stripper Wives” was that same year. The films offered variations on the same theme – lots of nudity and sexual situations mixed with intrigue and revenge.

Here are more of her popular films:

And what about this one?

In this 2000 fantasy, a Film Director working on a low-budget film hits her head and wakes up in a fantasy of of virgins!

“Pleasurecraft” in 1999 was another example of the genre: male Astronauts tasked with bringing three space aliens back – if they aren’t seduced to death first!

These films were knocked out quickly, so Actresses like Newman could be featured in multiple films in a single year…she had a great career in the genre.

This era of Cult Movies will never be replicated – the films of the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s had a sense of humor and passion that is gone now. 

I’ve shared links to a number of other who worked alongside Amber throughout her great career – empowered women who embraced their sensuality and entertained a generation.

Julie Strain was an Icon, and her death was a tragic loss for cult film – see her story here:

Another one of the most popular Actresses of that era was Antonia Dorian:

You can see more her great work as well – just click here:

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Let me know how many of these great “B” movies and videos you’ve seen, and bravo to Amber Newman for a great career!

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  2. Im happy to have stumbled across this website! Any conneusieur of exploitation is a friend of mine!

    Question: who’s the blonde on the cover/poster of Evil Ambitions?


  3. Great site, happy to have stumbled across it!
    Question: who’s the blonde on the cover of Evil Ambitions?


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