French Sex Kitten Sandra Jullien Was “The Sensuous Teenager!” She Double-Billed With X-Rated “Love Under 17!”

I Was A Sandra Jullien Fan – and Didn’t Even Know It!

My friends and I used to snuck into a lot of drive-in movies whenever we could, and we saw a lot of wild exploitation films – we didn’t know who the stars were, but we sure did like the movies!

My “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” celebrates the Actresses who made the drive-ins so memorable. So much to cover, so let’s go!

Ready For A Shocking “Drive-In Double Bill?”

When I was growing up in Seattle, I used to save movies ads from my local newspaper, and wondered what it would be like to sneak into such a provocative double bill like this one!

Well, in hindsight, I don’t think I was missing much! We couldn’t get into this X-rated double bill, but let’s take a look at what was being advertised here, and what was delivered!

Sandra Jullien Was “The Sensuous Teenager!”

OK, they get an A+ for the title at least!

This 1970 film from Denmark was described this way:

“Overwhelmingly erotic and uncontrollably seductive, a teenage girl aims to please by releasing all the sensuality within her.”

While I can’t find any images from the film, it starred Sandra Julien, who bared all in this film the following year:

Sandra Julien’s Brief But Revealing Career!

Star Sandra Julien’s acting career only lasted about five years, but she left a lasting impression!

Her first role was in French Director Jean Rollin’s moody “The Shiver Of The Vampires” in 1970.

She also had leading roles in “I Am a Nymphomaniac” and “I Am Frigid… Why?”

After appearing in a number of European art films like “The Sensuous Teenager”, she left the business, but not before also appearing in magazines as well!

Now, about the other film on the double bill:

“A Time When A Young Girl Surrenders To The Moment!”

Well, if she did, there’s no evidence online of what happened…looking up the “star” Linda Robertson reveals…NOTHING.

No biography, no photos, nothing. It probably wasn’t even her real name!

You see, this 1971 German import was one of many “shocking” exposes on teenage life flooding the US drive-in market at the time.

As IMDB reports:

“About the sexual relations of minors, told in eight episodes, dealing with parenthood, hitch-hiking, and the youth is not so bad after all.”

As you can see, it was advertised as the most shocking expose you could ever see, and I found a few movie “lobby cards” that would be put in the window to entice you into the theater:

While this may be been shocking for its time, you can tell it’s a film with a bit of nudity, heavily choreographed sexual situations, and a “learning” moment to make sure they weren’t busted for obscenity!

Actress Marian Forster was also listed in the film, along with several other sexploitation films of the era…she showed up in a number of magazines as well:

It seems these films are lost to time, but if you come across them, you’ll get the limits of what they could show onscreen at the time, even with an “X” rating:

I think back to what my pre-pubescent self must have imaged was going on at the Aurora Drive-In…a simpler time to be sure…and imagine what I thought when I saw this ad:

Yes, I cut out the ad for Marilyn Chambers in “Behind The Green Door”!

That films certainly paid off what it promised – and it promised a lot!

You can see more about Marilyn and her XXX-rated classic by clicking on my story here:

I save a lot of movie ads, but I seemed to be drawn to these in particular:

Yes, an “X-rated” Cinderella was certainly going to land on my radar, especially as it starred the adorable Cheryl “Rainbeaux” Smith:

Sadly, she had a tragic life and died way too can see more by clicking on my story here:

For those who had the chance to enjoy the “drive-in” lifestyle, it was a chance to see crazy action films that promised beautiful women scantily dressed, all on a giant outdoor screen!

That’s where I saw “The Manhandlers” and Cara Burgess didn’t disappoint..see more on her wild career here:

Actress Sondra Currie also had a great run of drive-in films:

You can see her drive-in classic by clicking here:

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Let me know if you ever went to a wild drive-in double bill like this!

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  1. Those advertisements and posters promised so much, then the film usually delivered a disappoinment! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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