Adorable Desiree West! The First Black Adult Superstar’s Empowered Career!

Celebrating The First Black Adult Superstar Desiree West!

The adult film industry has had many legendary superstars over the years like Marilyn Chambers, Jennifer Welles and Christy Canyon.

I want to shine a spotlight on Desiree West, who acted under several names and starred in dozens of adult films!

Actress Desiree West broke into the adult film business in 1973 and became the XXX-industry’s first black star.

As her IMDB bio noted:

“In addition to her volcanic sexual performances, she was noted for her ability to actually handle dialogue quite well, a fairly rare achievement for an adult film actress in those days.”

So, she was a sexual, empowered black woman and she could act as well!

West never reached the level of stardom that many did at that time – but she had a long career and worked with many of the industry’s biggest names.

She will always hold the title of the first black adult female star, ultimately appearing in more than 50 films.

She got her start in “The Pleasure Masters: Kikko & Lil” in 1974 – this was directed by well known Adult filmmaker Alex De Renzy – but mostly what I found were VHS collections of her sex scenes that were released over the years:

In 1976, she was in the film “The Love Slaves”, credited as Pat Lee – she went by that name many times, as well as Patricia Lee.

In 1978, she appeared under her own name in “Sex World” – one of her biggest hits!

An adult take on “Westworld”, the film told the story of a bus tour that took its passengers to a place called SexWorld where they could live out their most secret desires!

Desiree “officially” retired in 1980, although according to her bio she would come back to make a video or two every so often just to see if she still “had it.”

West was inducted into the X-Rated Critics Organization (XRCO) Hall of Fame in the mid-’90s, and her work is widely available still from many cult film companies.

And here is an update Tony sent me about Desiree:  She frequently performed with her lifelong romantic partner Dashile Miguele and they’re still together today (lucky guy). She retired in 1980 or 1981. Vista Valley PTA was her last movie. The part about her returning every so often to see if she “had it” (which originated on her IMDB bio I believe) is incorrect. Those later releases were just old footage from when she was active (1974 to 1980 or 1981). She gave birth to daughter in 1982 and became a successful real estate agent and still is doing that for a living today. She looks great for her age too.

One of the films she appeared in was “Inside Desiree Cousteau” – a number of high profile Adult stars were in these films, which celebrated their careers:

Cousteau had a long and successful career in the adult film world as well and you can see all of her eye-popping performances by clicking on my story here:

Jennifer Welles also had a feature named after her as well:

Welles also had a huge career in the business and you can see it all by clicking here:

And let’s not forget porn’s “Platinum Princess!”

Seka is an Icon, and deservedly so!

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  1. There probably won’t be a film about her…

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  2. I had heard the name, but never seen her work. Her big Afro hair is a classic style.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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