Have You Seen These Wild “Piranha” Women? Giana Michaels! Kelly Brook And More!

The Fish Are Biting!

have been covering a wide range of cult movie genres, like the “Stewardess” and “Nurse” drive-in films of the 70’s – but here’s another that has lasted into modern times, with all of the horror, thrills, blood and nudity intact!


Yes, these killer fish with razor sharp teeth burst onto the drive-in movie screen thank to the 1978 cult gem directed by Joe Dante.

It has a great cast including Bradford Dillman, Heather Menzies, Kevin McCarthy and the legendary Barbara Steele!

Here is the trailer:

I love the plot: a fun summer lake resort must respond to flesh-eating piranhas that are accidentally released into the water, and the guests – many beautiful young women – become their next meal!

The film has some great set pieces that are suspenseful and gory.

Director Dante also takes time to make sure we know this is an exploitation film:

According to IMDB: A waitress from the Holiday Inn where the director and crew were staying stood in for Heather Menzies during the topless shots. Menzies was concerned that her husband might not approve of the nude scene!

Executive producer Roger Corman called this film “my homage to Jaws”, and that film’s Director Steven Spielberg described it as “the best of the Jaws rip-offs.” He and Joe Dante later collaborated on “Twilight Zone: The Movie” in 1983.

There have been remakes and knockoffs over the years, but in 2010, Director Alexandre Aja gave us the bright, shiny, and completely naked homage!

Piranha 3D!

This 2010 hit has a great cast: Richard Dreyfus, Elisabeth Shue and Ving Rhames, along with my “2020 Sex Kitten” Kelly Brook and a slew of sexy co-stars.

The film has a tight little plot: after a sudden underwater tremor sets free scores of the prehistoric man-eating fish, an unlikely group of strangers must band together to stop themselves from becoming fish food for the area’s new razor-toothed residents.

Check out the trailer:

Actress / Model Gianna Michael was just one of many sexy co-stars who pop up throughout the film, which takes advantage of the water to give us a non-stop parade of nudity!

As you can see, between the graphic bloodshed, we get a lot to drool over!

Gianna seemed to be having a blast – and what a career she has had!

See more of her highlights here:

Adult Star Ashlynn Brooke appeared as well – as a very sexy cheeerleader who loved to ride around in convertibles as well:

Ashlynn has had quite the revealing career and you can see more of it by clicking on my story here:

Actress / Model / TV Host Kelly Brook also appeared in the film. Brook has had a very provocative career, and you can see more of her revealing work by clicking on my story here:

Oh, and one more “Piranha” film was still to come, this parody that made it pretty clear what they focus would be:

“Piranha 3DD!”

Yes, another cult gem with some recognizable stars, all fighting back against killer fish – and naked bodies!

Check out the trailer:

The film makes clear they are going to go all the way in terms of action, horror and nudity! Sex Kitten Irina Voronina appeared in “Piranha 3DD” as well – and when I say appeared, I mean APPEARED:

I give her a lot of credit for just putting it all out there for the sake of the movie – and what an empowered career she has had!

Click here to see more of her:

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4 replies

  1. the late and utterly gorgeous Heather Menzies used a stand-in? – How disappointing, especially given she was perpetually bra-less and in a tiny dress on the TV series of “Logan’s Run” (which ran in a family timeslot).

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Big fan of these movies – lotta fun and utterly ridiculous. Christopher Lloyd as the piranha researcher and David Hasselhoff were quite over the top. And always love Elisabeth Shue. And of course the ladies you profile here –


  3. What a blatant excuse to show lots of naked women in water. Fun though! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.


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