Actress Lisa Allison Has “Love Circles!” Her One Provocative Film Role and Disappearance!

The Mystery Of Actress Lisa Allison!

First, thanks to my friend Angel, who shared a picture of Allison on his terrific “In The Sleaze” FB page that intrigued me!

I told him I wanted to find out more about this Actress, and he immediately told me she only had two movies – so of course my “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” needs to know: what happened to Actress Lisa Allison?

It all begins with this 1985 erotic drama from France, promising “an international odyssey of sexual immortality” – fine with me!

I’d never heard of “Love Circles”, but Angel’s photo of Lisa from the film made me want to find out more!

Allison is showcased extensively online with still from her role in the film, most capturing her with virtually nothing on!

Here is the trailer I found for the movie:

Here’s how describes the film:

“A bevy of international beauties complete a chain of liaisons where every urge is fulfilled and no taboo is left unbroken. Will it take more than one man to satisfy a nymphomaniac’s voracious needs?”

As you can see, Allison is one of the “international beauties” the film highlights.

This 1985 film is really her only movie credit…because look at her only other screen credit!

“Jay Leno And The American Dream” is a TV special from 1986!

She played a “bikini girl” that Jay encounters on his drive across America!

And that’s it! As Angel said to me: “she only has two credits!”

Then I found this: what looks to be a photo shoot for Penthouse:

So Lisa Allison had one magazine appearance to her credit as well. She was featured in the October 1986 edition of Penthouse!

And that’s it!

There is nothing else anywhere that provides a clue as to what happened to Lisa Allison – no details on where she was born, nothing.

She will remain a gorgeous mystery – and if you know anything, let us know!

She reminds me of this “one and done” Actress:

Anne Sparrow was terrorized by “The Sinful Dwarf” – so much so that she disappeared from film forever!

See her wild role by clicking on my story here:

And here’s another Actress who was “one and done” with the world of entertainment:

Justine Greiner made a big splash in the pages of Playboy – then she was gone!

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Here’s an Actress who made a big splash with a provocative shower scene!

So what happened to Monika Verbutaite?

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I also profiled one film with a number of “one and done” Actresses!

The cast of “Cherry Hill High” was never heard from a gain – except for one, who had a wild wild career! Click here to see who it is!

And here is an Actress who appeared in two great drive-in gems from the 70’s:

So why didn’t Rae Sperling act again? Click here for her two great roles!

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Leave a comment and let me know if you’ve heard of Lisa!

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9 replies

  1. Its a mystery how these great beauties were just like a flash in the pan of history. It often amaze me especially with the vacuum tummy Monique Devereaux. She just disappeared without any record of if she was alive and how she lived her life.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Exactly. I tried to celebrate their careers and share whatever I can about them – as long as it doesn’t;t invade their privacy, and some probably don’t want this part of their past revisited….sad in many cases because they had so many fans! Thanks for the comment!


  2. I had never heard of Lisa before, but she was very lovely.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  3. When she first appears in Love Circles, a man is reading a girly magazine, then looks up and sees her on the bus with him, then does a double take. He’s just had another weird episode with doubles, so his comments to her about his reaction are “sorry, it’s been a weird last few days.” I’ve wondered for a while if that scene was a specific reference to something, your mention of her Penthouse shoot answers my question. Thank you.

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  4. I met Lisa back in 1988. Saw her working the counter at a shop on Melrose here in L.A. I’m a photographer and I went in to chat with her. We did a few photo shoots over the next year or two. Lisa is gorgeous, of course, but she’s a very sweet girl. I really liked her. We lost touch…but reconnected in 2018. She came to L.A. for a few days and we met for coffee. Still a lovely girl. She’s got three kids, is married (or was, not sure of current status), and lives on the east coast. That’s about all I know. Again, a great girl…and I wish her only happiness.

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