Julie Ege Was A “Hammer Glamour” Queen And More! My “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” Has Her Highlights!

Celebrating the Classic Cult Cinema Of Actress Julie Ege!

I’ve had a great time discovering some terrific stars from cult cinema – and Julie Ege has made quite a few great cult films!

Ege was born in Norway, and began working as a model at the age of 15. In 1962, she came second in the Miss Norway contest, and at 18 years old moved to London.

A Mini-Bond Girl!

Ege had a bit part in the 007 film “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”, and became a very popular pin up model as well – for good reason:

Soon after, Ege got her big break when Hammer Films decided to take a gamble and cast her as the lead in a dinosaur epic – and gave her the chance to dress up like this!

“Creatures the World Forgot”!

Notice the poster: the company did a huge publicity stunt to find the “next” Raquel Welch, and they chose Ege!

Ege’s breakout role was mirrored on Welch’s breakout performance in “One Million Years B.C.” – you remember, when she looked like THIS:

In fact, the film’s trailer sells the entire film on her discovery as the “new” pinup star – check it out:

As you can see from the trailer, the film is a modestly budgeted exploitation film where the women are scantily dressed – but the marketing effort spared no opportunity to showcase her beauty…

Julie seemed to have a knack for taking a provocative photo, and became hugely popular as she jumped into sex comedies:

“It’s Not The Size That Counts” AKA “Percy’s Progress”

Ege had a number of popular hits: she starred in this 1974 ribald sex farce, known in the UK as “Percy’s Progress”.

Percy, the man with the world’s first penis transplant, discovers that there is a chemical in the city’s water that makes men impotent!

She appeared in a number of films that gave her the chance to show off – or take a bath!

The Mutations!

She also starred in the horror film “The Mutations.”

Legendary character Actor Donald Pleasance stars in this horror gem, as a mad Doctor needs fresh victims for his shocking medical procedures…

Then it was time to take the clothes off again as Ege starred in another british sex comedy:

“The Amorous Milkman!”

Check out this hilariously dated trailer!

As you can see, Julie Ege was a mesmerizing beauty, but the films she starred in were the type that, in that era, would show up on the bottom of a double bill in the US, so she wasn’t as well known here as she was in the UK…

After a slowdown in the British film industry at the end of the 70’s, Ege returned to Norway and became a nurse.

She said:

“To be honest, I was never really proud of my performances in films, but I gave it my best and enjoyed the work very much.”

And cult movie fans enjoyed her work as well.

In a UK TV documentary a few years before her death, she stated that she never minded being labelled a glamour actress and that it had been a good life that basically helped pay the bills.

She candidly discussed her career, and her late battle with breast cancer, when she wrote her autobiography “Naked” in 2002.

Sadly, she died from breast cancer at the age of 64 in April 2008.

Ege left us with a terrific body of work – bravo to her.

Julie was a great “Hammer Glamour Girl”, but she wasn’t the star chosen to grace the cover of the book about them all:

That honor went to Madeline Smith, another sex kitten who starred in some wild films…see more of her provocative photos by clicking on my story here:

Cult cinema is filled with these “Hammer Glamour” Queens!

Ingrid Pitt starred in some of the best early 70’s gothic horror films, and you can see her career highlights by clicking on my story here:

Here’s another terrific “Hammer Glamour” Queen:

Susan Denberg had a great career – destroyed by Hollywood! See here wild story here:

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  1. I wondered how you pronounced her surname!


  2. Julie was so well known here, she was a household name until her death.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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