Celebrating Cult Movie Icon Barbara Crampton! From “Chopping Mall” To “Re-Animator” and More!

Re-Animating” Cult Cinema With Barbara Crampton!

If you grew up in the impressionable 80’s then you know this legendary Cult Movie Queen – who gets “re-animated” at the “chopping mall!”

This edition of my “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” has a great Cult Movie Queen who made some iconic horror films in the 80’s!


Barbara Crampton has had a great career with a number of terrific TV shows and films, a career that has lasted decades and made her a fan of cult movie lovers around the world!

While she has a great career in mainstream TV and film as well, there was a run of glossy horror gems in the 80’s that made her the Icon she remains today!

Barbara Gets “Re-Animated!”

The cult movie Queen’s first horror gem is one of my favorites.

She collaborated with Director Stuart Gordon on the 1985 film “Re-Animator” – a classic slice of 80’s comic horror.

Here is the trailer:

“Re-Animator” was loosely based on a 1922 H. P. Lovecraft serial novelette “Herbert West–Reanimator”.

Jeffrey Combs stars as Herbert West, a medical student who can re-animate dead bodies.

As you saw in the trailer, it doesn’t go well, so he comes up with another plan, this one involving a VERY NAKED Barbara!

Crampton does a terrific job in the film, with great comic timing, and you can see the camera LOVES HER, and she bravely gives her all in this role…

Barbara Goes “Beyond!”

The entire team behind “Re-Animator” reunited a year later for “From Beyond” – and Barbara got a chance to have some fun in a wide variety of kinky outfits!

Here’s what Barbara had to say once about working in the horror genre:

“What you don’t see often enough in horror films are smart and capable women. A lot of horror movies appeal to men and they’re written by men, so it’s kind of what men want to see. They’re written from the male point of view. I think in life we have this issue and in films we have the issue where the women are not as often in control. Men are more in control and art imitates life, so we see that more and more in the movies. It’s probably representative of where women are right now and where they’re going.”

As you can see, she had a great sense of humor about the business she was in, and always threw herself into her roles with gusto!

I love that she made her characters empowered – no matter how goofy the films were!

Her willingness to bare all continued in the terrific horror film “Chopping Mall” – here is the trailer…

What a great idea: “Robocops” who will patrol the mall at night – but of course, it all goes very, very wrong…

The Actress went on to do “Puppetmaster” and “Castle Freak” – continuing her creative partnership with Director Stuart Gordon:

“Castle Freak” Rules!

This 1995 gem is a really fun horror film!

Jeffrey Combs plays John Reilly, an American recovering alcoholic who inherits an Italian castle when a distant relative passes away. John travels to Italy with his estranged wife Susan – the gorgeous Barbara Crampton and blind daughter Rebecca, played by Jessica Dollarhide.

The three plan to stay at the castle, but unbeknownst to them, a freakish monster locked away in the basement of the castle is about to escape and commit a series of murders.

Here is the trailer:

She starred in a wide variety of films and always seemed to be having a blast!

That’s Barbara having fun with Actress Kathleen Kinmont in this raucous comedy:

Kinmont also had a terrific cult film career and you can see it all here:

Crampton ultimately left the business to raise a family, but after taking time away from Hollywood, she was enticed to re-emerge by her fans!

Crampton returned to film in 2011 with a role in Adam Wingard’s 2011 classic “You’re Next”.

Bravo to Barbara for an incredible career!

Crampton is just one of the “2020 Sex Kittens” I am counting down this year:

Are you aware of the great career of Monique Gabrielle? She starred in some terrific cult films, and you can see them here:

Here’s another “Cult Movie Queen” that I love to see onscreen:

Kelly marooned had a great cult film career and you can see it all here:

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  1. I remember Barbara Crampton’s “Playboy” spread… especially her wearing monster feet in one picture!

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  2. Hello, There are many sex symbols and actresses of the vintage past that I long to know if they’re still alive or dead. One of such is the one I consider one of the great of the all because of her standing boobs and vacuum tummy.

    She is none other, than Monique Devereaux of Harrison House.

    I don’t know what became of her.


    Michael Odu


  3. She and Gabrielle are absolute perfection.

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  4. A very sexy and delightful lady!



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