Actress Cheri Caffaro Was “Made For Loving” And A Wild “Ginger” Too! Here’s Her Story:

Celebrating Cheri Caffaro! She Was A “Ginger” And A “Savage Sister” Too!

Do you know Actress Cheri Caffaro? Well, I didn’t!

One reason I love doing my “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” is to highlight some terrific cult film Actresses who have dropped out of sight.

Cheri Caffaro is a great example: I just happened upon a movie poster she was featured in – I didn’t know her work at all, but she starred in some great exploitation films, then abruptly stopped acting!

Cheri was born in Miami Florida in 1945…she was destined for stardom after winning a “Brigitte Bardot” lookalike contest!

Meet “Ginger!”

Cheri’s run of cult cinema began in the early 1970s, when she was directed by her then-husband Don Schain in a series of sexploitation action films, beginning with the “Ginger” trilogy:

Caffaro came out of the gate blazing in this cult action film.

Here’s how explained the plot:

“Police suspect that a drug and forced-prostitution ring is behind the recent spate of kidnappings and disappearances. To break the case, they recruit Ginger, a young woman from an upper-class family to act as bait for the kidnappers and hopefully lead the police to their hideout.”

And as you can see, it doesn’t quite go to plan, does it?

The film is a real “rough”, with lots of bondage elements, but it’s a great time capsule as well.

Here’s a great clip of Cheri doing a wild dance number in the middle of the film:

Caffaro didn’t feel comfortable doing nude scenes at first. According to IMDB:

Cheri Caffaro said in a rare 2011 interview that she was terrified to take all her clothes off in front of the cast and crew when she filmed Ginger. It was her first time being nude on camera and in front of a group of several men. By the time she filmed this sequel, she was getting more comfortable with it and filming sex scenes with naked guys, especially since she had married the writer/director Don Schain before filming this one. She said it made her feel more confident and secure being totally naked.

Because of the film’s success, Ginger came back with a blast – and seemingly NO shyness at all!

“The Abductors”

“Ginger” was back and boy, what a plot! Cheerleaders and models are kidnapped & sold by a white slavery ring, and Ginger is sent in to save them!

As you can see, this effort doesn’t go any easier than her initial efforts in “Ginger!”

While there is no trailer online, there is another fun dance sequence!

“Girls Are Made For Loving”

The third film in the “Ginger” trilogy also featured lots of action, nudity and sex.

The evil Ronnie St. Clair is trying to scam the system and divert millions meant for foreign countries. The CIA sends Ginger in to thwart the plan.

Here’s what Cheri Caffaro had to say about the “Ginger” films:

When I did those films, they were kind of breakthrough. They were fun to me. It put women in the front line of doing action. And look at them now; now they’re getting millions of dollars for this stuff. “

This was from an interview with Brian Abrams, November, 2005.

Next up, Caffaro starred in an exploitation classic!

“Savage Sisters!”

Here’s the plot from

A corrupt General plans on smuggling one million US dollars out of the Banana Republic he dominates. Local revolutionaries plan on stealing the cash but are thwarted when a bandit leader they are working with double crosses them. A tough cop and her boyfriend help two of the female revolutionaries escape from prison hoping that they will lead them to the cash, which they plan on keeping for themselves.

Legendary Philippine Director Eddie Romero directed this cult gem. Here is the trailer:

The film was made in the Philippines, and here is what Cheri had to say about working there:

“There was a dictatorship government at the time, which was strange being born and raised in the United States myself. I really loved working there, though. You had to have a sense of humor to shoot a film there, you had to be really laid back. It could be as hot as 120 degrees!”

Cheri’s “Too Hot to Handle!”

Caffaro was back working for her husband Schain again, as a blonde assassin assigned to liquidate a quintet of gangsters in the Philippines. Problems ensue when she falls in love with the Manila detective investigating the killings!

Here’s what Caffaro had to say about her choice of role:

“I wanted women to love the characters I played in films so I consciously chose strong female roles. I also performed my own stunts and advocated martial arts for women.”

Caffaro was stereotyped and disenchanted with the direction her film career had taken and suddenly, she dropped out of sight!

Her last known credit is supplying a voice for the 1997 cartoon series “Extreme Ghostbusters”.

Cheri Caffaro abruptly quit show business and now lives in Los Angeles, where she raises her own honey bees.

Caffaro had a great run of exploitation films in the 70’s, and as noted, she enjoyed working in the Philippines – yes, Cheri was a “Machete Maiden!”

This terrific documentary tells the story of the wild, wild days of filmmaking in The Philippines – it’s a great slice of film history presented with lots of great clips including stars like Pam Grier!

Click here to see the trailer for this great film:

Caffaro dropped out of the spotlight after a decade, but I told you the story of a sex kitten who stopped working after just two films:

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She was never a leading lady, but she appeared in a ton of 70’s cult movies with some of the biggest names of that decade – see her wild credits here:

She worked with another Cult Movie Queen of that era:

Sandy Dempsey had a wild ride in the exploitation cinema world – see all of her most provocative roles here:

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Leave a comment and let me know if you’ve seen any of Cheri Caffaro’s work!

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  1. Ms. Caffaro also wrote the script for H.O.T.S. and was involved with production of The Demons of Ludlow.

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  2. I have to imagine that those films were of the genre that ‘promised much, delivered little’, John. 🙂
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