Cult Movie Queen Sandy Dempsey! Her Wild Film Roles And Mysterious Death – Or Did She?

The Mystery Of Adult Movie Queen Sandy Dempsey!

One of the most fascinating aspects of my “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” is when I come across an Actress who appeared in dozens of great cult films, then disappears under mysterious circumstances!

That’s the case with Cult Movie Queen Sandy Dempsey – lets look at her wild wild career and strange death…or did she die at all?

She appeared in so many classic films of the 70’s, an even had some hardcore credits as well…so how did she have such a tragic end?

Let’s take a look:

Sandy Dempsey was born on April 11, 1949. According to her biography, she had more than 80 screen appearances – some uncredited, some under different names, but she was in a ton of great cult films!

Roll Credits!

Like a number of other Adult Actresses at the time, Sandy went by a number of screen names. IMDB lists all of these alternate names:

Sandy Box | Tanya Brown | Cora Cuze | Sanday Dempsey | Sandra Dempsey | Susan Harman | Sandy Jackson | Terry Rich | Liz Ross | Darleen Saunders | Cindy Seay | Tiffany Stewart II | Tiffany Stewart | Tiffiany Stewart | Paula Timbel


“Sex And The Single Vampire” from 1970 was the beginning of a long run of exploitation films. Apparently, she also posed for men’s magazines as well:

One of her early film from 1971 paired her with an Adult movie Icon:

Yes, this cult classic starred the iconic Uschi Digard – no matter how that poster spelled her name!

She has had an incredible life and I tried to capture some of it in my story here:

Sandy appeared in so many films under so many names – some lost to time, many still available thanks to home video!

That’s Sandy on the left..about to take part in a VERY revealing love scene from “A Scream In The Streets”:

This film pushed the boundaries for “X” rated drive-in fare to be sure! It’s also filled with Cult Movie Queens – click here to see them all!

Sandy also had credits in “XXX” films as well:

However, it’s this film that I want to focus on for a moment for two reasons!

“Little Miss Innocence!”

First, this is a crazy film – the story of two young women who hitch a ride with a middle-aged man – with the goal of screwing him to death!

After a wild first night together, he stupidly thinks they are going to move on – but they have other ideas!

The two women block his bedroom door and demand more sex – to the point that he can’t handle their insatiable desires!

Sandy was known for her butterfly tattoo on her right thigh – she was terrific in this film, a major leading role that she nailed!

Her co-star was Terri Johnson and she worked with many of the biggest adult stars of that decade!

See her story here:

This film was released in 1973, and the second great thing about the film is that I got it as a special bonus for free!

The new “Death Game” blu-ray has an uncut version of “Little Miss Innocence” included as a surprise bonus! I watched both back-to-back and what a double bill!


Colleen Camp and Sondra Locke are both incredible, and the film is a neglected gem! It also has a VERY similar plot!

See more about the new “Death game” release here – because everyone takes part in terrific new material, including an audio interview with Locke before she died:

Sandy had a streak of very provocative film appearances – always part of the action!

According to her biography page on IMDB, Sandy appeared in the wrestling loop “Bitches’ Brawl” along with Rene Bond:

I couldn’t find any artwork for that title, but did come across 42nd St. Pete’s wrestling collection with Rene – as you know, she was an Icon:

I shared the story of her life and tragic death – a sad end for a Cult Movie Queen – you can see that story of her life here:

They starred together in this film as well – and what a classic exploitation poster! A drive-in favorite of that time for sure – for reasons like this:

Sandy bared on in numerous films – many of the films were un-credited – the kind of scenes where multiple “prisoners” were lined up like this:

Sandy’s Shocking Death – Our Was It?

Sandy’s story comes to a shocking and very mysterious end on May 24, 1975 when she was just 26 years old.

Reports say that she died in a boat accident in the Gulf of Mexico.

However, as has been noted in many of her online biographies, there were NO reports of any such crash, or any evidence of a boat accident at all – and the “reports” of her death provide ZERO details to support the news…so could it all have been a way to walk away from her “adult film” career?

She had apparently just “retired” from the business…so did she die tragically? There is no proof she did…

Dempsey was a really good Actress, and up for anything…perhaps after 6 years in the business she just decided to drop out of sight and return to a normal life…otherwise, a senseless tragic end to her life…

Rene Bond starred with her and also had a tragic end…you can read all about her life and death here:

In fact, there are far too many stories of these cult movie stars who either dropped out of the business or died far too young…

Susanne Saxon was in “Caligula” and had a very mysterious death as well…see her story here:

Here’s a great Cult Movie Queen who also died far too young…

Cheryl ‘Rainbeaux’ Smith had a great career in the 70’s but died tragically as well – you can read her story here:

And of course, one of the greatest Hollywood mysteries revolves around Carol Wayne, who was famous for her appearances on The Johnny Carson Show in the 70’s:

She posed for provocative Playboy spread – and then died mysteriously in Mexico as well…did she drown accidentally or was it something more?

Click here to read the whole story:

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Have you seen any of Sandy’s films? Let me know!

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  1. I haven’t seen any of Sandy’s films, but it is always good to see Uschi again! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Sandy was such a beautiful lady and helped brighten every exploitation flick she appeared in..



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