What Happened To Marilyn Davis? The Mystery Of A “Big Bust” Model!

The Mystery Of Marilyn Davis!

There are times when I happen upon a photo that makes me want to know more…but in this case, every effort to find out more about “Big Bust” Superstar Marilyn Davis has come up empty!

My “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” is digging into the mystery of Marilyn Davis, a Model popular enough to grace the cover of magazines, and the internet is filled with pictures – but nothing else!

Here’s the story!

Marilyn Davis apparently worked in the adult men’s magazines of the 70’s…one cult website said that her real name was Marilyn Sarah Fischel – but I found NOTHING to substantiate that, and nothing about anyone with that name either!

“Top Heavy” Indeed!

The story of Marilyn Davis is one of a time when men’s magazines like this proliferated. This was an era when these so-called “girlie” magazines were sold under the counter to men who hid them from their family, usually somewhere in the garage!

Clearly, this magazine catered to men who like “big bust” superstars, and Marilyn was certainly one of those…

She was, without a doubt, a beautiful Model, and she has many different photo shoots online – but literally nothing about her life or career at all!

The magazine has a date of 1979 on it, and these shots clearly evoke that era – but I have looked under both names and cannot find a single thing about her.

Magazine spreads like this are hard to read – that is usually where some sort of biographical information is found…but these magazines aren’t Playboy: they didn’t give any in-depth information anyway….still, for a Model who was featured so extensively in men’s magazines, I was surprised not to find anything at all about her…

If anyone reading this has information to share, I will update the story, which is what I did when I profiled another “big bust superstar” who also disappeared:

But did Roberta Pedon turn up recently on TV? A reader tipped me off to this video clip – is it Roberta?

Click here for her fascinating story!

Some just disappear like Marilyn – with no information about where they are – that’s the story of this young sex kitten:

Avril Lund was a stunning Penthouse Model who suddenly disappeared – click here to see her mysterious tale – with an update from a reader as well:

There is one “big bust” Superstar who had an incredible career – and became an Icon:

Uschi Digard is legendary – and deservedly so! She is still active on social media as well.

Click here for some of her biggest hits!

Another famous full figured Model was Marilyn Lange:

She not only was a great Model, but was almost a professional soccer star as well – click here to find out how!

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10 replies

  1. There’s one woman named Monica Gayle who I’ve been curious about; do you know anything about her?


  2. So many of those young women seemed to just drop out of the business with no word of their fate. You are doing a good job trying to track down their history, John.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    • Yes Pete, the vast majority probably get married or tire of the business…a friend of mine was a very popular Model in England, but she said she’d work 2-3 days a month and the pay didn’t make it a feasible career…and the other stuff was too provocative for her…thanks for reading as always!

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  3. Marilyn Davis, actually Marilyn Sarah fishel, was a good friend of mine from about 1976 to 1982. She went by the name Linda, and lived in California in the Campo/Potrero area and was a frequent customer at dogpatch USA. She lived 300 yards west of dog patch with a guy known as dogpatch dave. She was a good friend and confidant, and I knew from the first moment I saw her who she was. I had a copy of the Gem magazine (November 75) that she was on the cover and had a nice spread inside. She agreed to autograph the magazine and I agreed to keep her secret. She was trying to get away from that kind of life, the drugs and alcohol problems that were so prevalent up in Chatsworth area. She broke up with Dave around 82, and she and a girlfriend hit the road and headed east. She always made quick money dancing, and when she met a Texas millionaire she dumped her friend and disappeared somewhere in Central Texas. If anybody bumps into her, tell her Eric from dog pass will be glad to make her a hamburger anytime!

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  4. I can’t recall if i have seen Marilyn before. I’m pretty sure that if i did, i would have never forgotten her. Such a classic beauty and lot of bounce in those boobs. That Texas millionaire is pretty darn lucky!



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