Legendary Playmate / Photographer Suze Randall! The First Playmate To Photograph Herself!

First of all, thanks to my FB friend and fellow cult cinema lover Lawrence for this suggestion – what a great story!

As the terrific website IMDB.com picks up the story:

“At age 22 in the early 1970s Suze Randall was a low-paid staff nurse at St. George’s Hospital in London, England, and fed up with being broke. Her life changed course when she answered an advertisement saying, “Attractive girls wanted for nude modeling. No experience needed. Make up to £100 a day”.

And a career was born!

One of the many fascinating aspects of Randall’s career was how she used her natural beauty as a Model to further her artistic ambitions as well!

Suze was not only a popular Model, but ended up becoming a famous Photographer as well!

IMDB.com picks up the story:

“Her breakthrough came when she spotted the potential of novice pinup model Lillian Müller and steered her to “Playboy” with herself attached as photographer. Muller was chosen as Playmate Of The Month in August 1975 and subsequently Playmate Of The Year in 1976. Suze’s pictorials established her credentials as a top-flight glamor photographer.”

Thanks to Craig Anthony for this terrific bio material!

Of course, I’v covered Lillian Muller’s as well and you can see more of her by clicking on my story here:

Suze’s Playboy First!

More than just shooting stunning photos of other Playmates, how about this fact?

Suze ended up being the first Playmate to ever photograph herself!

What a career! This led to her writing her autobiography all about this!

She ended up appearing in a number of “Suze Centerfolds” videos, and produced and directed many others as well – what a terrific career!

Here’s the story of another Playmate who transitioned into a really cool career!

Karen Price became a Stunt woman!

Click on my story to see if you’ve seen her work on the big screen!

Here’s another Playmate who had a second, equally fascinating career:

That’s right, Shelly Jamison was a News Anchor!

Well, her employer didn’t seem to take well to this “Broadcast Nudes” headline – found out what happened by clicking on my story here:

And what about this Russian beauty?

You can see more of Irina’s provocative career – not only as a Playmate but as a Standup Comic as well!

See her story by clicking here:

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5 replies

  1. Her daughter Holly also went into the family business as it were.

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  2. I hadn’t heard of her, John. She certainly had a different look, with that short wavy hair.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. She is often mentioned in the Rialto Report interviews as a positive influence on the female actors in that business. She looks like a lot of fun –


  4. John, am delighted to see this – I’ve always been a fan of hers. Such great spirit to quit life as a poorly paid nurse and achieve what she has. And have tremendous fun on the way. With her husband made the raunchy feature Too Naughty To Say No with Ginger Lynn – her commentary shows how she’s never lost her English accent and sense of humour. Another was Miss Passion in which she appeared and looked fabulous – there’s a good review on IMDB. On Suze.net there were never any performers who did not look 100%. Her photography was the best in the business.


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