Cult Actress Lynn Theel Had “Humanoid” Love! The Wild Story Of A Cult Film’s Mating Problem!

Who’s Ready For Humanoid Love?

Well, Cult Actress Lynn Theel wasn’t – in fact, many of the cast of one classic cult gem didn’t realize there were two movies being made!

Let’s dig into the story:

She was born Marilyn Theel in 1951 in Detroit Michigan. has a concise bio of her, posting that she was a singer and dancer while growing up, attended acting school, and even was a cabaret singer in Germany.

I found this picture of her around the time she launched her career in entertainment.

Interesting that the late Eagles Singer/Songwriter Glenn Frey was from Detroit as well…and some online biographies say they were together at one point.

As with many Actresses in the 70’s Lynn, made a big splash on the pages of Playboy magazine, using the name Lynn Schiller…

Theel was named Playmate Of The Month in July 1975.

The magazine has a long history of being a launching pad for TV, movies and more.

Check out this French version of the issue – what a cover!

She made her big screen debut in 1978 in the acclaimed surfing film “Big Wednesday”…but it was this 1980 Roger Corman film that I will always remember.

“Humanoids From The Deep!”

Legendary Producer Roger Corman unleashed “Humanoids” on the world in 1980 – a modern day version of “Creature From The Black Lagoon” to be sure – as a small Northern California fishing town is overrun by humanoids – who kill the men and MATE with the women!

Here is the trailer:

Lynn has a great part in the film – including the shocking ending that I won’t spoil here!

I bought this on DVD, and one of the best parts of the remastered DVD is the mini-documentary that’s included – it’s really interesting, and a number of people involved in the project discuss the film – including the reshoots done later!

The “Dirtier” Humanoids!

The stories around the filming of the Humanoids are hilarious, especially when Producer Corman saw the first cut of the film!

You see, according to Corman himself on the documentary, the film’s female Director did a terrific job with the Humanoids killing the men – but she didn’t shoot the creatures “mating” with the women – the cult film’s main selling point!

Corman’s films were always filled with action, violence, nudity and sex – so to leave the last two out was never going to fly – so the first AD came in and shot all of those scenes separately – and Lynn got a lot more screen time as you’ll see!

Lynn’s “Humanoid” Courtship!

Lynn’s character is peripheral to the film, until the Humanoids attack!

While walking on the beach, they re attacked and Theel’s boyfriend is savagely ripped apart by the Humanoid, who then drags Theel to a secluded area and rapes her – she is found later by star Doug McClure, alive and partly covered in seaweed:

These scenes added plenty of additional sex, violence and nudity to the film – and gave Lynn the chance to stun the viewers at the end!

She appeared in a few TV series, then had a break before coming back for a role in the 1990 film “Hollywood Boulevard 2”.

Lynn seemed to have a thriving career in film and TV, but perhaps the roles were too small – or perhaps it was when she got married that she left the entertainment business.

Bravo to Theel for leaving us with a true cult classic!

Here’s another Actress of that era who appeared in a number of great drive-in films:

Tara Strohmeier appeared in a number of great cult gems – click here to see them all:

Here’s an Actress of that era who appeared in some great films before dropping out of the business!

Monica Tidwell was a “Yum Yum Girl” – and acted in a slew of 70’s cult films before leaving the business…but she was also a force behind the camera!

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And let’s not forget 70’s Actress Rae Sperling:

She only made two drive-in films, but they are classic!

Clcik here to see her story:

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2 replies

  1. Thank you for the write-up on Lynne Theel.
    I first became acquainted with her in Fyre. You have some stills under the Humanoids write-up. She had three titles on Premium channels: HBO, Showtime, and Rendezvous. They were Fyre, Humanoids From the Deep, and Without Warning. Without Warning also starred a young David Caruso (with copper hair).
    I cry foul on the Humanoids debate. I believe Corman added the scenes because he was dissatisfied with the results of the original idea. I don’t think the rape aspect was mentioned in the original script. My own two cents.


  2. I haven’t even heard of the Corman film, but Big Wednesday is indeed a classic.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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