The Mystery Of Annette Michael! What Happened To This “Clockwork Blue” Actress?

Who Is Annette Michael?

First and foremost, thanks to Daniel for the idea to look into the life and career of Annette Michael!

I didn’t know anything about her and the internet was not very helpful in finding out more!

No, Annette doesn’t seem too happy in this picture, but Daniel’s note intrigued me! Here’s what he sent me:

“This could be a tough one. Not much on Google pops up. So I was watching “A Clockwork Blue” because of Rene, naturally. And I noticed this actress who played “Indian Girl”. I had to search around because she is uncredited on IMDB. Seems that she is Annette Michael and she’s been in a lot of my favorite films, but uncredited in almost everything!  Maybe time to bring her into the spotlight?”

OK Daniel, let’s try!

Here is the poster for “A Clockwork Blue” that he mentions – an adult take on “A Clockwork Orange” of course…she is listed in the credits.

Here’s how the terrific website describes the plot of this comedy!

“Bumbling Jewish mama’s boy researcher Homer acquires a magical watch that enables him to go through time. While traveling through time Homer encounters such notable historical figures as Caesar, King Louis XVI, Eric the Red, and Thomas Cromwell.” 

Here’s an image I found online about the film…is it Annette? Can’t tell but unlikely…so I bounced around the internet looking for anything that showcased Annette’s career, which spanned 29 films in the early 70’s – all Grindhouse and some suggesting hardcore.

She made her movie debut – uncredited – in the 1970 sexploitation film “Sexua In Paradise”.

She also showed up in this raunchy effort “Slaves In Cages”.

I found this compilation of images from the film – is she one of the women in one of the cages?

For those who read my stories regularly, you know that one of the toughest parts of the process is finding material from films that are 50 years old…unless one of the great cult cinema companies like Something Weird has kept them alive for aficionados to enjoy…

Annette continued to appear in bit roles like this one – she was listed as the “Brunette in garden” – and uncredited – in “Zodiac Killer”

She also appeared uncredited in “A Touch Of Sweden” in 1971. this was one of Uschi Digard’s big hits – even with the poster misspelling her name:

Uschi is an example of an Actress of that era who also appeared in dozens and dozens of films, in roles big, small, credited or not!

Yes, you can see more of Uschi’s greatest hits here:

Annette’s career was filled with roles in some of the grittiest Grindhouse films – and many of her roles were uncredited: bit parts where she showed up to do whatever the “scene” called for…there were many like this in the early 70’s – for example:

That’s Annette on the left – one of the few pictures I could find of her…I think it’s from one of the worst films of all time…more on that in a moment – for all of the roles she had, there is little of her online at all, just the films like these:

She is listed on the credits of the box, but IMDB lists her as “uncredited” – either way, the few imagines online don’t show clearly any Actress:

Busy Cult Actress Sandy Dempsey was also in this one – she also had a wild early 70’s cult movie career:

Her lesbian scene in “A Scream In The Streets” has to be seen to be believed – click here for all of her most provocative roles!

Annette continued to appear in a number of films, mostly X-rated stuff like this:

“Diary Of A Nymph” starred the legendary Rene Bond, and yes, Annette was uncredited in the film!

Rene’s career was fascinating as well, with a tragic end – click here for the whole story:

That’s Annette on the left – this could be a shot from the 1971 Grindhouse film “Cycle Sluts”. – uncredited of course!

These series of images all are credited to Annette Michael, but who knows?

I mentioned earlier she appeared in the worst film of all time – one that I actually paid money to see!

I have the original newspaper ad for “Psyched By The 4-D Witch” – and I paid money to see the single worst film of all time – click here as I share the story of why it’s so awful – and I didn’t even know that Annette was in it!

Her last credit was in “Flesh Gordon” in 1974 – credited as “Brunette In Back Of Plane” under the name Annette Anderson – then, NOTHING

But what a film to end with!

This adult take on the sci-fi character was a sexy romp to be sure – and there had to have been a lot of young Actresses from that era showing up in these orgy scenes.

I did find plentiful photos of one eager and engaged Actress from “Flesh Gordon”:

Maria Arnold had a wild role in the film to see sure:

This Actress also appeared in the sex romp:

Terri Johnson was also a “bored housewife” – click on her story to see all of the Actresses she worked with in the era!

Well, there’s nothing to help find out who Annette is, but there are plenty of adult films that show her off, so we can live with that I guess!

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Let me know if you know Annette!

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  1. Found her on Vintage Erotica under the name Annette Bawcum


  2. She is new to me, John. Well done for managing to keep on finding them.
    Best wishes, Pete.



  1. The “Runaway Hormones” Of Actress Rene Bond! From Drive-In Classics To XXX-Rated Films! – JR-Sploitation!

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