Whatever Happened To Actress Sarah Bellomo aka Adult Film Sensation Roxanne Blaze?

First of all, thanks to Joe for asking me to look into this question – a fan of the Actress wants to know what happened to her and so do I!

That’s Adult Film Star Roxanne Blaze on the left of this photo…she stunned the adult film world when she appeared in almost 20 films in a single year before disappearing – here’s her mysterious story!

Roxanne was born Sarah Anne Bellomo in 1974 in Burbank, California where she grew up…she got into the adult film industry at an early age!

According to the great online biography at IMDB.com, Sarah became Adult sensation “Roxanne Blaze” at the age of 18, in 1992. In a single year, she wowed viewers and critics as well with her films!

She made her adult film debut in 1992 with “Up And Cummers”, and was off and running in almost 20 films in the next year.

Over the course of a single year, Roxanne achieved star status with powerful roles that won her a slew of adult film awards…

She won the 1993 AVN Best Actress Award for her steamy portrayal of the young girl caught between father and son suitors in the films “Nothing To Hide II: Justine.”

The film was a big success in the VHS market, and Roxanne was nominated for a slew of awards for her performance.

The film also won both the AVN and XRCO Best Film of the Year Awards, but here’s where the story takes a strange twist: Roxanne was not at the ceremony to accept them because by that time she had retired from the adult-film business – after a single year!

“Roxanne Blaze” Becomes Sarah Bollomo Again!

Roxanne stunned the adult film industry by dropping out to try her hand at “mainstream” films using her birth name Sarah Bellomo. 

It was that same year that she appeared in this film:

“Beach Babes From Beyond”

While clearly a slice of cult cinema, it was indeed a mainstream film, and it also starred Joey Travolta, Burt Ward and Linnea Quigley!

She appeared in the sequel as well…

Then, she was out of the film business completely. What happened?

At this point I can’t find information on her, but I assume she simply moved on from the industry. Few have been able to make the transition from “Adult” to “mainstream”….here’s one of the most notorious who did just that:

Traci Lord’s story is fascinating and shocking in equal measure – and thanks to the terrific Ashley West, there is a podcast that tells the entire story!

Click her for more on the notorious career of this underage adult star:

Here’s another adult film superstar who had a great run of mainstream cult films a well:

Ginger Lynn Allen is still one of the industry’s most popular and iconic stars, and you can see all of her career highlights here:

her empowered, positive approach to her career and life reminds me of another iconic Adult Film Star:

Christy Canyon had a great career and still makes lots of appearances, and you can see some of her most revealing work by clicking on my story here:

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Let me know if you have any information to share about Roxanne Blaze!

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  1. Another one who ‘disappeared’. The adult industry has created so many ‘What happened to…’ mysteries.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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