Actress Kristine Rose’s Wild “Meat Pies!” Her Greatest Cult Hit Is Available Now!

Celebrating This “Meat Pie” Eating Cult Actress!

Sometimes I find out about an Actress based on seeing a review of a film I didn’t know about – and that’s exactly how I ended up at Kristine Rose’s filmography!

I didn’t find much biographical information about Kristine Rose, and she only had 13 film credits…but a few of them were terrific cult gems, including one that is now out in a remastered blu-ray edition!

Kristine got her start with a small role in the TV series “1st And Ten” in 1990, then followed it up the next year with “Passion’s Flower”.

She also appeared in this erotic film:

“Total Exposure”

The plot is pure early 90’s erotic thriller: Photographer Andi returns from a modeling session in Mexico and finds a kilogram cocaine in her bag. She thinks one of her Models did it, but when that Model turns up dead, her life is turned upside down.

Season Hubley starred in this one, but you remember what I profiled her for

Hubley’s uninhibited performance in “Hardcore” blew me away – see why by clicking on my story here:

While making these erotic films, Kristine also found time to be a “Cobblepot Groupie” in “Batman Returns!”

“Eleven Days Eleven Nights 2”

This erotic drama involves a family deciding who inherits a fortune while plenty of erotic friction is underway:

Ruth Collins also starred in this one:

She also had a wild cult career – you can see her highlights here:

As for Rose, she appeared in a shower scene in the film “Round Trip To Heaven” – but it’s this cult gem that is now remaster and re-released!

“Auntie Lee’s Meat Pies”

This gem is now available again!

A devil-worshiping woman sends out her four beautiful nieces to lure men back to her place so they can be killed, ground up and sold as meat pies! Yum!

Look at this cast! Pat Morita, Karen Black, Michael Berryman and Kristine – in a film that gets terrific reviews and is now available on home video!

Check out the trailer:

Kristine finished her career appearing in a number of Playboy videos:

She appeared in a vignette for this Playboy series, as well as a number of other Playboy projects as well…

She was the covergirl on the May 1992 issue of the Spanish version of Playboy as well as the March 1991 Book of Lingerie in the US.

After the film “Save Me” in 1994, she left the business.

Kristine starred in Joe D’Amato’s sequel to “Eleven Days Eleven Nights” after Jessica Moore starred in the original:

She was also a fearless Actress and you can see all of her greatest hits here:

 Boy, does Director Joe D’Amato know how to pick ’em!

Laura Gemser starred in a number of the Director’s wildest films – click here to see them all!

This Actress appeared with Gemser in some wildly entertaining films with scenes like these:

See much more of Monica Zanchi’s wild career here:

Remember that Gemser played “Emanuelle” in a few films, but she wasn’t the original:

That was, of course, Sylvia Kristel – what a career she had as well, and you can see it all here:

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Let me know if you had the chance to see any of these wild films by Kristine Rose!

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  1. I have never seen any of Kristine’s star role films, but ‘Hardcore’ was a great film, despite being a ‘hard watch’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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