Cult Actress / Model Vicki Peters Had “Blood Mania!” Her Short But Very Sweet Career!

Meet Vicki Peters!

For this latest edition of my “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown”, I’ve got the career of a Cult Movie Queen who went from the pages of Playboy to “The Manson Massacre!”

Vicki Peters was born on September 9, 1950 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Vicki plays the bass guitar and performed a few music gigs in small clubs with a band in her younger days.

According to her Playboy biography, her hobbies include sewing, painting, dancing, playing tennis, and designing clothes.

Peters was the Playmate of the Month in the April, 1972 issue of the magazine – at the time a great way to be “discovered” by Hollywood.

For many of the Actresses I profile, they get attention from Hollywood after these appearances, as photo shoots like this make a great calling card:

This exposure actually took place AFTER she appeared in two films – check out these early 70’s cult movies!

“Blood Mania!”

In this 1970 drive-in thriller, a sex-crazed nympho helps speed along her father’s death so she can use the inheritance to help out her depraved boyfriend.

Check out the trailer:

Next up was another lurid thriller:

“The Cult!”

This 1971 cult film is the story of a monk-robed cult leader who lives in a coffin, and is transported around in a black hearse!

Here’s the trailer:

Yes, this was also known as “The Manson Massacre”, as certain Producers would use any tragedy to help promote their films…

Vicki’s final screen appearance was in the 1975 action film “Mitchell” – and that was it for her movie career!

Vicki Peters only appeared in three films before leaving the entertainment industry completely. She now lives in Los Angeles, working for a real estate firm.

She’s one of many of that era who had some success but didn’t stay in the business:

Jeane Manson appeared in Playboy, made a few films but did so much more as well!

Click here to see that story:

And here’s the story of a Playmate who became an acclaimed stunt woman!

Karen Price has a fascinating story and you can read all about it by clicking on my story here:

Finally, what about this Playmate turned Actress?

Patti Mcguire had a fun career underway when she suddenly retired – was it due to her professional Tennis playing husband?

Click here to see that story:

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  1. Mickey Rooney was in that film? He must have been running out of money. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Back in the day the Playboy/movie/TV crossover happened two ways. Mostly, Playboy would help find roles for their Playmates to help promote the mag and entice other wannabe actresses to pose nude in order to break into films. Second, they’d approach newbie and established actresses to pose nude. I miss those days. Hasn’t been the same since Hef died.

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