Alana Soares “Soars” Indeed! Her Cult Movie Appearances And Playmate Sister Pictorial!

Celebrating Playmate / Actress Alana Soares!

In the course of researching my “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown”, I come across some fascinating stories, and that’s the case with Model / Playmate /Actress Alana Soares – let’s take a closer look!

Alana Soares has a career similar to many of the Actresses who get their start in Playboy, then transition to cult film and TV work – and in many cases, pictorials with their sisters as well!

Alana was born in 1964 in Redondo Beach, California, located just south of Los Angeles.

Alana graduated from USC with a degree in communications, but her minor was film and that led her into the entertainment industry.

She’s the older sister of Leilani Soares, who was also a Playboy Playmate…in fact, the duo was featured in the April 1985 issue of Playboy Magazine – as part of the “Playmate Sisters” pictorial!

There have been a number of sisters who posed together – I will show you some more soon, but it clearly was a popular feature for the magazine:

As you can see, they work well together – and Alana was also the Playmate of the Month in the March, 1983 issue of the magazine.

She did a series of outdoor pictorials that put her in nature in more ways than one:

Soares was featured in several other “Playboy” special edition publications.

Alana Soares ended up in some fun projects like these – she appeared in the music video for Cheech Marin’s “Born in East L.A”, and was also featured in films like “Beverly Hills Cop 2”, “Dragnet 1987”, and “Back to the Beach 1987”.

After staying in entertainment for most of the 80’s, Alana left the business and she now works as an insurance agent/broker in Simi Valley, CA.

The Soares sisters are far from the only Playmate sisters to be featured in the magazine:

Renee Tennison was Playboy’s first African-American Playmate Of The Year – and she posed with her sister as well!

See her story here:

One of the biggest “VHS Superstars” of the 90’s also got her start in Playmate, along with her sister:

Shannon Tweed appeared with her sister in Playboy as well – see that story and more of Shannon’s credits here:

Believe it or not, the “Playmate Sisters” concept got its start with a wild photo shoot for a Hammer horror film!

The Collins twins were literally “Twins Of Evil!”

See their fascinating story here:

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4 replies

  1. A much better sister act than Whoopi Goldberg managed!

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  2. John, I’m enjoying your articles and each are researched well. Keep up the good work. Alana Soares and her sister Leilani were both active with Playboy’s promotions department. When I won a local Washington, DC radio contest in 1987, I got to have dinner with the twins in L.A. As is the case with many twins, Alana was the more outgoing and Leilani was the quiet one. Both were beautiful as you might guess, but were also very sweet and welcoming. It was a great evening. The next day was a Playboy Mansion tour and I spent time with both Hef and Kimberly Conrad, wife #2. Best radio contest prize ever – Grotto tour included!


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