Actress Stacey Walker Loved “A Smell Of Honey, A Swallow Of Brine!” Here Are Some Of Sexploitation’s Greatest Stars!

smell of honey swallow of brine

“There is an expression for girls like her…you see it scrawled on walls!”

Enter a world where just drinking a bottle of coke seems very, very wrong! It was a time where the provocative taglines for movies and images like this promised a peek inside the lurid world of single women!

Let meet the Actress who was one of those girls!

Celebrating The Short But Wild “Sexploitation” Career Of Stacey Walker!

She only made a few films, in the early days of “sexploitation cinema”, but Stacey Walker will always be known for this shot!

Stacey Walker was born in Texas, and her is how she was discovered by Hollywood – according to the terrific website

Walker was discovered on a California beach by legendary Exploitation Producer David F. Friedman – when she asked Friedman for a dollar so she could buy a hot dog!

That led to a role in one of the most provocative film of the early sexploitation era!

Just the title seems so wrong!

Producer David F. Friedman

Yes, it’s the twisted world of early grind house cinema, seen through the eyes of one very demented producing genius – meet Producer David F. Friedman!

Among his classic “morality tales”:

A Smell Of Honey, A Swallow Of Brine!An “Adult Experience!”

Kudos to Something Weird Video for putting “A Smell of Honey, a Swallow of Brine,” one of David F. Friedman’s best movies, on DVD!

Let’s take a moment – LOOK AT THAT TITLE!

And what about that tagline! 

“The cunning young cannibal who devoured overhang that fell into her soft warm trap!”

nudie cuties

Welcome To The Black ‘n’ White World Of “Nudie Cuties!”

And it was the world of David F. Friedman – an American filmmaker and film producer best known for his B-movies, exploitation films, as well as what were first known in the business as “nudie cuties”, an early brand of “sexploitation” film.

A Smell Of Honey

These classic sexploitation films promised rampant nudity and sexual situations, but the movies barely had either. Friedman saw a way to make money off of “lonely” young men who wanted a cheap thrill…without really showing anything “dirty”…it was the ultimate “come on” to male grindhouse audiences…

David F Friedman

So what exactly is “A Smell Of Honey, A Swallow Of Brine” about? Well, the poster suggests it’s every young man’s fantasy: AN ADULT EXPERIENCE!

And for its time was it ever!

Sexy Stacey Walker, with her arched eyebrows, wicked smile and heavily sprayed hair, burns up the screen as Sharon Winters, a character who gets her kicks seducing men, then crying “Rape!”

a smell of honey a swallow of brine_1966_

Shot in black and white, “A Smell of Honey” has a deliciously tawdry look, yet shows some artful flourishes- likely attributed to the early worked of legendary Cinematographer Laszlo Kovacs.

Among the many eyebrow raising moments include when Stacy’s nroommate gets a bit too close to her, causing her to spit out:

“I may be a bitch but I’m not a “butch!”

As every young man at the time hoped, the roommates spent much of their time in various states of undress:

a smell of honey a swallow of brine

According to the Producer, Walker could’ve easily gone on to stardom, in either exploitation or even mainstream movies (she reportedly was courted by Paramount). But, as Friedman tells it, she married “some gazoony” and moved back to her home state of Texas after only making two feature-length movies.

Her only other full-length film credits was “The Notorious Daughter Of Fanny Hill” in 1966 – but it was another raucous performance!

As the poster promises, this movie was “filmed in explicit color!”

It seems that she always had something to stick in her mouth…not subtle but probably effective for the time:

The Something Weird release of “Brine” includes “The Notorious Daughter of Fanny Hill” as well. But the best extra is Friedman’s commentary on “A Smell of Honey.” This sultan of sleaze livens up any DVD with his frankly-told, frequently humorous anecdotes of exploitation’s golden age.

Producer David F. Friedman

Kudos To Something Weird!

Thanks to Something Weird Video for keeping the classic era of exploitation alive! Go to their website to buy and download these gems!

Walker was just one of many Actresses who showed up in films like these, including the “Queen Of Softcore”:

Marsha Jordan had a huge career and you can see all of her wildest highlights by clicking here:

And don’t forget about the “Mondo Topless” Lorna Maitland:

She was one of the most popular “Nudie Cuties” of that era – click here to see why:

This era was ruled by Director Russ Meyer, and one of the Actresses I see commented on most is indeed a sex “kitten”:

Kitten Natividad alway sparks interest and for good reason – see all of her career highlights here:

Another of the early “nudie cuties” was the legendary Virginia Bell:

She had a wild career at that time and you can see her biggest hits by clicking on my story here:

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6 replies

  1. I wonder what film history would’ve been like the censors hadn’t been so strong in the early years?

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s a great question! Films like this were lurid in every way except for what they actually showed! It led to posters that were much more suggestive, and scenes that flirted with things they couldn’t really show…some fun creative minds worked as close to the edge as they could go! Thanks for the comment!


  2. “A smell of honey, a swallow of brine” must be one of the weirdest film titles ever . 🙂
    I remember Virginia Bell fondly. She was world-famous!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. I recently watched the documentary That’s Sexploitation! with Frank Henenlotter, and Stacey was one of few actresses that got her own segment. (well, I didn’t watch it WITH Frank, he was the host! 🙂 )

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