Celebrating The Iconic Corinne Clery! From “The Story Of O” To “Hitch Hike” And Bond Girl Too!

Corrine Clery

From “O” To “007”!

Meet Corinne Clery – who went from not”O”rious to 007! Some of the best “Bond Girls” from the past were outstanding Actresses with a fascinating body of work – and Clery is no different!

My “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” celebrates the great career of this talented and provocative Actress!

She was born in 1950 in Paris, and in the course of her career, Corinne appeared in more than 70 films, including some of the greatest cult gems of the 70’s!

nudity story of O corinne clery

“O” My!

Cléry first came to prominence in the controversial movie “The Story of O” in 1975. The original book was published decades early, and is a notorious erotic novel about submission – the “50 Shades Of Gray” of its time…

“The Story Of O” is a tour de force for Clery, and she gives a bravo, provocative performance that made her a worldwide star overnight…

the-story-of-o-x rted movie

She also modeled for the cover of French magazine Lui – holding a huge copy of the novel upon which the film is based! She was one of the most popular models in the 70’s…


A “Bond Girl” Too!

Cléry is also noted for playing Bond girl Corinne Dufour, antagonist Hugo Drax’s assistant, in the 1979 James Bond film “Moonraker.”

Corinne-Cléry Bond Girl 007

More Bond Connections!

She also starred with another Bond girl, Barbara Bach (who played Anya Amasova in “The Spy Who Loved Me”) and another Bond villain Richard Kiel (who played Bond villain Jaws) in the 1979 film “The Humanoid”.

Corrine Clery Playboy cover

Corinne graced the cover of many magazines in the 70’s, including one of Playboy’s international editions…and she was fearless in her movie choices, including this brutal thriller from 1977:

Clery Goes “Hitch Hiking!”

“Hitch Hike” is a brutal but effective thriller that Clery starred in – the film also stars Franco Nero, and is an intense thriller about a couple who pick up the wrong hitchhiker…it’s a European film, and some of the foreign advertising was shocking for its time!

Hitch Hike nude poster

Clery stars with Franco Nero, who is terrific in the film, as well as David Hess, who plays the deranged hitch hiker…he is of course iconic for his role in “The Last House On The Left”, and his menacing character really drives the film – bravo to all three of them!

Here is the trailer:

The film has many twists and turns, and Clery really showcases her ability to kick ass at the end!

“Hitch Hike” is a great action film from the 70’s, and is full of graphic sexuality, including many shots of Clery like this:

Hitch Hike nude gun scene Corinne Clery

You can read more about this obscure thriller – and more great
“hitchhiking” thrillers of that era by clicking here:

It’s a classic slice of “Euro-Sleaze”, and worth a look:

Here’s another of Clery’s provocative films:

“The Devil’s Honey” includes a wild saxophone scene and more!

Click here for an in-depth look at the film and that notorious scene!

One of Clery’s later roles was in the 1983 film “Yor, the Hunter from the Future” –

campy 80's movies Yor

And she continued to grace the covers of magazines around the world as well…

Clery hasn’t made a film in more than twenty years, but managed to achieve iconic status for her wide range of great work – in some very controversial movies…

Corinne Clery x-rated movies

Let me know how many of her films you’ve seen, and bravo to her for a terrific body of work!

Corinne Clery today

If you want to see more of Clery’s co-stars, how about this terrific Actress?

Monica Zanchi worked with Laura Gemser, Clery and more!

Check out her wild career highlights here:

Of course, the first “Bond Girl” set the standard for great performances in 007 films:

007 Bond Girl Ursula Andress

Ursula Andress set the standard when she stepped out of the ocean in “Dr. No”…and yes, she was known as “Ursula UNDRESS!”

Here is a look why:

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Let me know if you had the chance to see any of these Corinne Clery films!

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  1. I do remember her. I have seen The Story of O, and Hitch-Hike. I also watched some of that James Bond film. You gave her a good tribute as always, John.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Corrine is an 11 out of 10 if there ever was one!

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  1. Sandra Peabody Was A “Teenage Hitchiker!” Her Shocking “Last House On The Left” And “Massage Parlor Murders”! – JR-Sploitation!

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