Who Is Adult Film Star Julia Perrin? The Provocative Mystery Of This French Sex Kitten!

The Mystery Of An Adult Movie Queen!

First of all, a big thanks to Mike, a fellow Cult Movie lover – he asked me to look into the life and career of Julia Perrin, a French Actress who worked with a few of the Cult Movie Queens I’ve profiled on this blog.

I always love getting requests, even if it proves to be more of a cinematic challenge than I bargained for!

Celebrating Julia Perrin!

My “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” has profiled some of the great Cult Actresses of the past and present – and when I was given this suggestion, I dove in to Julia’s film career – and found plenty of projects that she was involved with – but also found out virtually NOTHING about her!

Julia’s IMDB credits list close to 30 adult films in her career, beginning in 1979, ending seven years later…one website said she worked under all of these names as well:

Bianca Moore, Isabelle Forestier, Julia Perrein, Julia Perrier, Marie-Loup, Mary Lou, Mary-Loup, Marylène, Maryline, Virginie Marie-Lou as well!

Most of Julia’s adult movies are French – but a few have English titles…let’s take a look at some of her most popular work:

“La Nymphomane Lubrique”

She made her debut in this 1979 adult film – translated to “The Lustful Nymphomaniac” – and while Julia is not listed on the poster, she is in the film.

The internet didn’t give me any good photos from the film, but as you can see, Julia also posed for a number of men’s magazines as well!

Cathy Stewart appeared in that movie as well – she will turn up as a co-star in a number of Perrin’s films.

Julia had a compelling, mysterious look in the photos I found of her – again, mostly from photo shoots and not the films she appeared in.

“Love Dreams”

This was Julia’s big film in the US, and as you can see, they changed her name a bit for the poster!

She starred as a young French woman who comes to America for a better life.

She becomes a maid and the film takes us along on some of her wildest jobs!

At this time, most adult films from overseas were retitled for the US market, so some of the material online isn’t accurate – I apologize for that, but it’s difficult to track down some of the Actresses when they drop out of sight.

Some of her most notorious work ended up in compilation videos as the home video market blossomed in the 80’s:

“Charlotte, mouille ta culotte”

This 1981 film may have been released as “Looking Good” in the US.

As IMDB.com describes the film:

“The young-mischievous schoolgirl Charlotte wishes to be able to spin the perfect love with her chosen one of her heart in the big family home. But her parents are an obstacle and she decides to get their separation. To achieve her ends, she organizes for each of them naughty encounters.”

As with several other of her films, she had a recognizable co-star:

Marilyn Jess co-starred in a number of her films, and I found a few pictures of them together as well:

I’ve profiled Marilyn’s career as well – see her greatest hits by clicking here:

So that’s an overview of Julia’s career, as much as I could uncover – close to thirty films in less than a decade – but I found one photo that raised a question:

Was Julia Perrin ever “Miss Nude Europe?”

One of the most challenging aspects of the internet is that so many photos are mis-labelled, and nothing I can find says that Julia ever held that title, but this photo says it is her!

Sadly, there is no personal biography of the Adult Actress online – at least not one I could find – and the picture, while identified as her, isn’t verifiable.

I’ll leave the tup to you, but if you have an interest in Julia’s adult film work, it seems to be available!

Adult Actress Cathy Stewart was also French, and starred in a number of Julia’s films as well…you can see her story here:

Of course, one of the most stunningly beautiful French Adult Stars was Brigitte Lahaie:

Brigitte made films that were soft and hardcore…I became “fascinated” with her based on the French horror film “Fascination” – here’s a look at her great career:

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