The Fascinating Career Of Tina Aumont! Her Wild “Madam Kitty” And “Lifespan!”

Talk About A Wild Life!

Thanks to one of the regular readers of this blog – I got this note a few days ago:

“Have you ever done a profile on actress Tina Aumont? A wide-eyed beauty who did her share of Euro-rotica, as well as working with class filmmakers like Fellini. She was the daughter of French actor Jean-Pierre Aumont…”

Well, that caught my attention so let’s look at her life and career!

My “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” has covered modern Cult Movie Queens, as well as those who were popular in different eras….Tina’s career took off in the early 70’s, as cult cinema exploded around the world!

Tina was born Maria Christina Aumont in Hollywood in 1946.

As noted on the great website: Tina married Actor Christian Marquand when she was just 17 years old – he was 19 years older! Her first screen credits were with the name Tina Marquand, before she reverted to Tina Aumont!

She ended up in more than 50 films, both mainstream hits and cult gems as are some highlights:

Modesty Blaise was her film debut.

Texas Across The River – also as Tina Marquand

She did some revealing photo shoots and some wild cult films as well:

did an especially scintillating bondage scene in the sci-fi movie ‘Lifespan’.

She also appeared intros British shocker:

Suzy Kendall starred in this one:

She had a great cult film career as well…see her best films here:

As for Aumont, she began filming in Italy and starred in this notorious shocker:

This shocker, also known as “Salon Kitty”, is the wild story of Kitty, who runs a brothel in Nazi Germany where the soldiers come to “relax”.

Teresa Ann Savoy also starred in this Tinto Brass shocker:

This Actress had a wild career and you can see all of her highlights here:

As Tina worked more in Italy, she ended up in Playboy:

Tina ended up appearing in a number of provocative films, many of which never really got exposure in the US.

Here are a few more of her movies:

Tina’s Shocking Arrest!

According to, Tina’s life took a dramatic turn when she was arrested!

As they report:

“She was arrested in Italy in 1978, charged with the illegal importation of 400 grams of opium smuggled in from Thailand in little Buddhas. She was eventually sentenced to three years imprisonment, which she managed to reduce on appeal to nine months.”

She retired from acting soon after – a sad and mysterious end to her career.

Sadly, she died in 2006 in France. She was only 60 years old.

Just like Aumont, there have been many European Cult Movie Queens who worked with Director Tinto Brass, and here is one of my favorites:

Debra Caprioglio was his spicy “Paprika” – but she had a great career beyond that – click here to see her most provocative work:

Here’s another Actress who appeared in “Madam Kitty” as well:

She appeared in some of the most provocative films of the 70’s as well…click here to see them all:

And what about Italian Actress Serena Grandi?

What a career!

See it all here:

And what about this legendary Actress – she also appeared in a Tinto Brass film!

Yes, Helen Mirren bared all in Brass’s notorious “Caligula” – but it wasn’t the first time!

See her most empowered roles here:

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5 replies

  1. Awesome info as always. Thx John


  2. Thanks for taking my suggestion. Was good to learn more about Ms. Aumont.


  3. Her best role in my opinion is in Tinto Brass’ anarchistic punk rock sexy film THE HOWL


  4. I know the film as ‘Salon Kitty’, and once owned it on VHS. So I must have seen her, but didn’t remember.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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