Social Media Sex Kitten Tessa Fowler! Her “Shock Value” Movie And More Empowered Modern Day Stars!

Meet Empowered Sex Kitten Tessa Fowler!

First, thanks to my FB friend Joe for asking for this profile I was not aware of Tessa, but am always interested in sharing stories of empowered women in the social media space – the new home video!

Tessa was born in South Carolina in 1992…while she has a movie credit, it seems that most of her work is in modeling and social media…

She began modeling in 2011 and made her debut appearance in Playboy’s November issue that highlighted “Girls of the SEC”.

She was Playboy’s “Coed Of The Week” in January 2012.

In July 2014 she launched her site She’s a perfect example of empowered women who take control of their “brand” to create a fan base that makes them a nice living.

She also appeared as “Naked Actress” in the 2014 thriller “Shock Value!”

Among her other accomplishment: Tessa won the title of “Miss Boobs Realm 2016”, for those who follow such contests!

In this modern era of social media and paid fan sites, there are countless young women and men who have build followings, where they share content exclusively for those who have signed on.

I have shared stories of a number of these modern day social media stars:

Amberleigh West has built a career doing provocative photos shoots,a bayou can see more of her work here:

Here’s another modern-day social media star:

Gabbie Carter is a great example of an empowered young woman taking control of her career with self-produced content.

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There are many provocative ways to break through on social media – in this case with a paintbrush!

Caylee Cowan made a splash with these wild photos and more – here’s a look at her career:

And what about this Actress?

Sophie Monk has had a terrific career, including realizing a dream to be in Playboy!

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And speaking of daring new Actresses:

Emily Booth made a huge splash in her film debut – check it out here:

And here’s one of the wildest stories I’ve ever read:

Model Denise Milani was caught up in a drug-smuggling scam – without even knowing it!

Click here for this wild, wild story:

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3 replies

  1. Tessa is undoubtedly ‘hot’, and has it all going on in every way possible. Thanks for the introduction, John!
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. Wowsers! Immediately followed her on Twitter! Thanks.



  1. Social Media Sex Kitten Tessa Fowler! Her “Shock Value” Movie And More Empowered Modern Day Stars! – JR-Sploitation! -

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