Vintage “Pin-Up” Model And Cult Actress Sue Bond Was A “Yes Girl!” Here’s Her Story!

“Cheers” To British Actress Model Sue Bond!

As I look at the history of cult cinema, I am always on the look out for classic Cult Actresses who I may not know – and thanks to one of my readers, I now know about the terrific career of Actress and Pin-Up Model Sue Bond!

Sue was born in England in 1945.

In the 60’s, adventurous movie Producers and Directors pushed the boundaries with “nudie cuties”, films that promised naked women and “serious” discussions about issues that had never been shown onscreen!

I have profiled many of these women, and will include links to their stories at the end, but let’s see how Sue got into this revealing business:

According to a terrific writeup on

Her first film appearances were in the 8mm glamour/girlie films of George Harrison Marks in the late 1960s. These early softcore films included the bizarre “Hot Teddy” in which Sue has sex with a large cuddly teddy bear!

As you can see, the film was sold to home viewers by the foot!

Talk about a precursor to the VHS revolution!

“Coitus – An Experience in Motion and Emotion”, adopted a “pseudo-sex-education” to keep from being prosecuted for obscenity – Sue and a male partner indulged in a variety of sexual positions, inter-cut with title cards offering advice to ‘young married couples’. 

These “sex education” films skirted laws and tittilated audiences everywhere!

Many of these films were sold directly to home, so her credits list her official movie debut in “The Nine Ages Of Nakedness” in 1969.

It was also nice to see the films being made in color as well!

“The Yes Girls!”

She had the starring role in this 1971 film, which I found a poster for in a different language:

As describes the plot: Maria, a juvenile delinquent, is stuck in a boring girls’ school for young offenders in Sunderland. A suggestive wink and a flash of her knickers at an elderly gardener is enough to convince him to help Maria escape from the school.

Sue had the lead in this British sex comedy, which as usual for the time always included a “lets run naked in a field” scene:

British audiences know her a a regular on “The Benny Hill Show” in the early 70’s as well.

First of all, check out those song titles! That’s right: Sue appeared in a rugby costume on the cover of this X-rated 1972 record `Rugby Songs’.

She was also a nightclub singer, but Sue will always be remembered as one of the early “Sex Kittens”…

She’s one of many ground-breaking women from that era that I’ve covered, like Pamela Green, who also worked with Harrison Marks:

She was in a number of groundbreaking movies and pictorials as well…see them all here:

She was a stunningly beautiful trailblazer….just like June:

June Wilkinson looked a lot like Pamela – and at one point was the “most photographed nude in America!”

Click here for her story:

Another early “Nudie Cutie” had a Russ Meyer connection!

Eve Meyer was married at one point to the famous Director – see her wild story here:

Here’s another early trailblazer of “nudie cutie” fame:

See all of Shawn’s biggest hits by clicking here:

And Dawn Knudsen may not be as well known, but she also was a “big busted” success:

She was huge in the world of men’s magazines – click here to see more:

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5 replies

  1. I know of Sue from her regular appearances on the Benny Hill Show on TV. I have never seen any of her ‘educational’ films. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I once saw a movie called “What’s Up Nurse” – a bawdy UK sex comedy featuring John Le Mesurier, Some good laughs in it!


  3. So much yes!!! 😄🥰


  4. Thanks for the more detailed information on Sue Bond. I always enjoyed Benny Hill, and as the black and white episodes never reached the USA, I’ve been able to enjoy them on youtube. Benny Hill seemed to have a talent at talent spotting, and I do remember Sue Bond from the scene depicted (a spoof of a British TV band show like “American Bandstand” called “Top of the Pops”, which is utterly hysterical), and Sue plays one of the background groupies that Benny ogles on camera unaware that he is being filmed. I do remember her from a color episode that spoofs a ballroom competition show. She is sitting at a table beside the presenter / host Terry Wobegone (spook of Terry Wogan) while he is bragging away, and he puts a note card in her cleveage to hold it while he shows off his muscles. A very beautiful woman indeed! As I was only just thinking about this recently, I am quite surprised (though pleased) that this blog post is so recent! Well done, and thank you!

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