Sibylle Rauch Was “Hot Bubblegum”! Her Wild Adult Career And Sister Pictorial!

Meet Sibylle Rauch – One Of Europe’s Greatest “Adult” Stars!

She was 5’10” of sexy sizzle, and she reigned in the XXX-rated world of European cinema for decades – yet, I’m not sure she ever broke out in the US market…let’s meet Sibylle Rauch!

Sibylle Rauch may not have achieved much success here in the US – certainly not a household name – but she had a wild cinematic ride to be sure!

My “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” looks at her successful career – including working with her sister!

Sibylle Erika Rauch was born in 1960 in Munich, Germany. She carved out a hugely successful career in “adult” films after years of small roles in cult movies – oh, and she ended up acting with her sister Syvie as well!

Yes, that’s her Sister, and the duo worked together a few times, but first more on Sibylle: she got her start working in mainstream films, but the roles were small:

One of her first films was a small role in “Hot Bubblegum” in 1981, and in the years after she appeared in a number of European sex comedies, then popped up in the 1985 thriller “Alpha City”:

After a succession of small roles, Rauch began performing in explicit “adult” movies in 1987 – and quickly became a sensation!

In 1989 she was in both “Dirty Woman” and “Dirty Woman 2”, and over the next decade she ended up with more than 50 screen credits!

Sibylle frequently appeared alongside her younger sister Sylvie Rauch – and as you can see the cover art made it clear they were related!

Sibylle appeared prominently in men’s magazines including Hustler, Mayfair, and High Society.

As you can see, the camera loved her, and while she may not have been well known in the the US, in Europe she was legendary for her beauty and lack of inhibition…

She retired from the adult film industry in 2000. Bravo to Sibylle for a great career – there have been a number of well known European Actresses who never broke out big in the US:

Marlene Appelt had a provocative career before disappearing from sight – you can see more of her revealing work by clicking on my story here:

Sibyl wasn’t the only adult star to appear with her sister – in this case, Playboy’s first African-American Playmate Of The Year did so!

She had a fascinating story and you can see it here:

And these sisters posed together and acted in a classic Hammer horror film as well:

They were “Twins Of Evil” – click here to see why!

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3 replies

  1. I had never heard of her, but she was obviously very busy in the industry. And it’s easy to see why she was so popular! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I remember her! In fact once seen she was hard to forget, she was very striking and there was not much she wouldn’t do.

    Thanks for featuring her in this excellent blog.

    Best wishes,


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