Sissy Spacek Is A “Prime Cut!” This Gritty 70’s Gem Starred Angel Tompkins! Lee Marvin! Gene Hackman!

“Gene Hackman Attacks Lee Marvin And Sissy Spacek With A Wheat Harvester!”

One reason I love 70’s films is that, as a young kid, sneaking into an “R-rated” film was not only exciting, but it allowed me to see stuff I never imagined on film!

Here’s an action thriller from 1972 that I love: it’s called Prime Cut” – with the Iconic Actor Lee Marvin – and a VERY REVEALING movie debut from Sissy Spacek!

This was Spacek’s movie debut, and she is terrific as a young woman who has been kidnapped by a ruthless mobster who plans to sell her into sex slavery…until Lee Marvin steps in!

Yes, Spacek’s movie debut shows off a LOT of the Actress – like when she is held in a pig pen along with other the terrific Actress Janet Baldwin by Kansas City Mobster Gene Hackman:

Gene Hackman had just won his first Academy Award playing Popeye Doyle in 1971’s Best Picture “The French Connection.”

So imagine a film that brings these two legends together – add a couple of classic action sequences and Sissy Spacek’s “naked” motion picture debut as well!


Prime Cut!

Here’s the plot: Lee Marvin plays a mob enforcer who heads to Kansas City to collect money from Gene Hackman, who doesn’t want to pay…here’s a teaser:


Hackman also happens to run a cattle ranch – so he not only grinds his enemies into sausage, but runs a prostitution ring on the side…not a nice guy!

There is a scene where Hackman is having a “sale” in his barn – of drugged out naked women!

It’s a very graphic scene, and Marvin is clearly disgusted by Hackman. After rescuing Spacek, Marvin and Sissy are chased through a wheat field by a shredder…a great action sequences – and shows just how cool Lee Marvin can be in the worst of situations…

Marvin and Spacek have a great rapport in the film, as he takes on a “father figure” role to help her escape from the bad guys…

A couple of years before she catapulted to stardom in “Carrie”, Sissy does a great job in the role, including participating in the movie’s frequent nude scenes…

She would go onto stardom for her Oscar-nominated role in the classic horror film “Carrie” just a few years later…

This was Sissy Spacek’s feature film debut – and she got to work with two acting legends right out of the gate!

Marvin and Gene Hackman have a number of great scenes together, a couple of tough guys chewing up the scenery in a great B-movie.

“Prime Cut” is one of the more obscure action movies of the early 70’s, but it delivers the goods, and is available on streaming services and on DVD as well.

Janit Baldwin also gives a terrific performance, one of many in her career! See some of her highlights here:

One of the film’s happy surprises is a small role that showcases Angel Tompkins – boy could she steal a scene!

Of course, Angel Tompkins had a great career, especially when she was promoting this film:

Click here to see more of her terrific career and candid photo shoots:

This was an era when mainstream Actresses weren’t afraid to take on provocative roles:

Barbara Hershey did a totally nude pictorial to promote her Martin Scorsese cult film “Boxcar Bertha” – you can see more of those photos by clicking on my story here:

Perhaps the most provocative Actress alive is Helen Mirren – an Oscar winner who also revealed all for her roles:

Click here to see her most provocative roles:

Actress Patti D’Arbanville also was an acclaimed Actress who wasn’t afraid to take on provocative roles:

You can see all of her greatest film roles by clicking on my story here:

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Let me know if you’ve sen this “revealing” Sissy Spacek movie debut!

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11 replies

  1. Thanks for covering this film! Not ashamed to admit it, it’s one of my favorites – so sleazy and entertaining!

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  2. I remember “Prime Cut” being on TV one Saturday night while I was living in Barbados as a teenager…the nudity was cut from the TV prints. Sadly, the only part I remember is the opening with an unlucky mob rep being turned into sausages and sent back to his bosses! I can’t find it streaming anywhere in the UK… 😦

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  3. Great movie. Hackman and Marvin are terrific together. I thought Spacek was hot in this but nothing else, even Carrie. Always felt Baldwin was hotter.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Prime Cut is great – I got it with Point Blank double DVD – here’s a silly season movie “BOB & CAROL & TED & ALICE” Haven’t seen it since I was a kid late night on TV, pretty daft, but probably like to see it again someday!


  5. Prime Cut is a much underrated movie (if you think it has no “substance,” read what Jonathan Kirschner has to say about the movie) and Spacek is simply gorgeous in it.

    Liked by 1 person

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