Celebrating Vicki Witt – The Model Who Did NOT Work On “Star Wars!” Or Did She?

Celebrating The Great Modeling Career Of Vicki Witt – NOT Her Special Effects Work!

This is a funny story to me: Vicki Witt was a well known Playboy Model. But did she also work on “Star Wars?” It was a strange fact that I decided to follow up on – but first, let’s discuss Vicki!

She was born in 1959 in Lansing, Michigan.

There were seven kids total in Vicki’s family, and she considered herself an easygoing “tomboy” growing up.

“There are a lot of things I like: a summer day, the smell of rain, skating, pinball, riding my ten-speed. I love kids; I could have hundreds. I’ve got lots of patience, so I’ll be an understanding parent,” says Vicki. “I don’t try to put on a front. That’s like lying; it doesn’t help and you get yourself confused.”

All normal, midwest childhood stuff…

While in college at Michigan State in 1977, she was spotted by a Playboy Photographer lining up a “Girls Of The Big Ten 1977” shoot…note I said she was attending Michigan State in 1977…

Vicki popped on camera, and was featured in that “college girl” photo spread – her success in that pictorial led to more exposure in the magazine as well!

Meet The August 1978 Playmate Of The Month!

Yes, Vicki did another photo shoot with the magazine and was chosen Playboy’s Playmate of the Month in August 1978.

Vicki was 19 when she became a Playmate.

Witt continued to work for Playboy for a few years following her selection as a Playmate.

All good stuff, right?

However, here is where the story takes a sci-fi twist.

Did Vicki Work On One Of the Greatest Science Fiction Films Of All Time- As A Teenager?

The Vicki Witt I have profiled was in school in 1977, so I assume that she did NOT work as an optical camera assistant on this film:

Or Did She?

Here’s the funny thing about social media: when you Google Vicki’s name and find a list of her credits, she shows up as a Playmate AND has these three film credits as well!

Check these credits out:

1977 Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope (optical camera assistant: miniature and optical effects unit)

1979 Star Trek: The Motion Picture (photographic effects editorial – as Vicki Witt)

1983 Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone (optical coordinator)

Hmmm…so did Vicki work on “Star Wars?” Really?

Well, here’s the thing: “Star Wars” was made in 1976, the year before it was released in theaters, which would have been when Vicki was just 17 years old…


The story gets even funnier.

Vicki is also credited for this film as well:

1982 Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (assistant editor)

Now, I’m not saying she wasn’t smart enough to do the job – but was she REALLY working in various the special effects departments in Hollywood beginning as a 17 year old – while posing like this SIMULTANEOUSLY?

There are actually multiple online credit lists for Vicki that mix these two together…one credits “VICKY WITT” for the film work, but also lists her as a Playmate “as Vicki Witt.”

So, did she do both? All I can say is, if so, she worked on one of the greatest science fiction films at a very young age – while in high school!

Just to be safe, I say “congratulations” to any and all of the people who posed in Playboy AND to all of those who may have been named “Vicky” Witt and worked on “Star Wars”!

By the way, Playboy has a rich history of their Playmates going on to great things off-camera:

Karen Price was a Playmate AND one of the great stuntwomen in the 80’s!

Click here to see her story!

And let’s not forget Jeane Manson:

Miss August 1974 went on to act AND became a very successful singer as well!

Click here to see more of her work!

Some of the women featured in the magazine had more scandalous careers afterwards:

Star Stowe was a Playmate who also modeled with “KISS” and had a tragic end…here is her story:

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  1. This doesn’t rule that possibility out, but a search for Ms. Witt brought up a 1977 article on the “Big Ten” layout that said she was occasionally taking night classes at MSU and mentioned Vicki Witt wasn’t her real name. If she’s the camera assistant, that would mean she chose not to mention her cool job to Playboy or told them not to list it but still chose that alias for the end credits.

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