The “Murdercise” Trailer Is Here! Meet The Cast! Plus “Slashorette Party” Trailer Too!


I took part in the fundraising effort to help make the film “Murdercise” a reality and Director Paul Ragsdale just shared this update – and a teaser trailer:

“If anyone wants to upgrade their previous perk order and see their name on the credits of the blu-ray cover, poster and the upcoming OFFICIAL TRAILER as an ASSOCIATE PRODUCER or higher, let me know and i’ll send you a secret perk at a discounted price!!”

Yes, as they work to finish the film, you can still take part and get some terrific bonus material!

Written and directed by Paul Ragsdale and Angelica De Alba, “Murdercise” pays homage to the 80’s exercise video craze – with horrific results!

First, check out the trailer:

The Filmmakers are still accepting donations, and you can see what you get for your helping keep independent cinema alive!

Look for the “Murdercise” page on Facebook for more details!

Here are some of the film’s stars:

Jessa Flux stars in “Murdercise”, and if you want to meet her in person, she is at Cinema Wasteland this weekend in Cleveland!

Jessa is an Actress / Model / Social Media star who has focused on independent horror films and bravo to her for doing so!

See more about Jessa and her involvement in this project by clicking on my story here:

Kansas Bowling

And what about Kansas? This empowered Actress / Director has had quite a career already!

As noted in “Kansas Bowling wrote and directed her first feature film “B.C. Butcher” when she was 17-years-old. The film was shot on 16mm, is the world’s first prehistoric slasher film, and stars Kato Kaelin.”

Bravo Kansas!

And look who is also in the film!

That’s right: Ginger Lynn Allen appears in “Murdercise”, and why not? After all, she was in Paul and Angelica’s last film “Slashorette Party!”

I enjoyed this “killer in the woods” effort and here’s the trailer:

Ginger Lynn has an incredible career and she was really great in “Slashorette Party”, which you can find on streaming sites…se more of her wild career here:

“Murdercise” is an homage to the 80’s trend of exercise videos, and since I’m doing a month-long “Shocktober 2022” series of stories, check out this Icon’s horror workout!

Linnea Quigley made this terrific video – and you know her for this classic moment as well:

Click my story to see her wild exercise video AND her nude cemetery dance as well!

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Click here and see the “follow” button on the upper right!

There is still time to support “Murdercise” – check it out!

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2 replies

  1. This looks like a fun ‘Homage’ to the old-school cheap horror films, John.
    Good luck with the launch next year, I enjoyed the trailer.
    (Jessa Flux is a great stage name!)
    Best wishes, Pete.



  1. Make Jessa Flux The New “Face Of Horror!” She’s A “Cannibal Hooker” And Will “Murdercise” You! – JR-Sploitation!

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