Celebrating “The Wicker Man” Britt Eklund’s 80th Birthday With The Nude Dance She Didn’t Do For “Shocktober 2022!”

Happy 80th Birthday To Britt Eklund!

Happiest of birthdays to the iconic Britt Eklund – she turned 80 yesterday October 6th, and when you see the wild career of this Swedish Sex Kitten, you’ll agree that every day is a celebration!

This edition of “Shocktober 2002” will explore her life, and the controversial “nude dance” she never performed!

Britt Ekland was born on October 6 1942 in Stockholm Sweden and got her start in a series of small roles in European films in the early 60’s…

When the popular Actor and Comedian Peter Sellers met her in a hotel, they fell in love soon got married. 

Here’s how one website described it:

“The combination of Sellers’ stardom and her stunning beauty contributed to her fame (the fact that Sellers suffered a heart attack in bed on their wedding night did not hurt, either).” 

She then appeared in two films with her husband, but her claim to fame came in 1968 when she starred in this controversial film for its time:

“The Night They Raided Minsky’s!

Eklund became a “Sex Kitten” when she starred as the young dancer who invents the striptease – as her sultry dance takes a scandalous turn when her costume is accidently ripped off!

This was a mainstream film, and nudity was still unusual for the time.

One of her other acclaimed acting turns came in 1971, she she co-starred with Michael Caine in this great British gangster film – the story of a hit man who returns home to discover that someone has killed this brother:

“Get Carter” 

This is a classic revenge thriller, and Caine was terrific in the title role.

Here is the trailer:

Eklund was building a nice career, not afraid to show skin and take on more provocative roles…but this next film was not only one of her most notorious, it was her most controversial as well!

“Shocktober 2022” Celebrates The Controversial “The Wicker Man!” 

Britt co-starred with Christopher Lee and Edward Woodward in this 1973 shocker. A Detective is sent to an island off the English coast to seek a missing girl…what he find instead builds to one of the most shocking climaxes in horror history!

The film is also known for Britt’s very revealing role: both in several nude shots of her, as well as the wild “all nude” dance she performs for the very surprised Detective!

Eklund Gets Dubbed – Twice!

Actually, the legend of the film is due to this….there are two moments when the Actress is actually played by someone else!

Britt Ekland played the inn keeper’s daughter in the movie, but her voice was dubbed by another Actress for both her song and dialogue in the film – but that’s not all! 

Britt’s Notorious Nude Dance – Except It’s Not Her!

Britt also had a “secret” body double!

Britt was pregnant at the time they made the movie, and she only agreed to do nude scenes from the waist up – which is why her wild “all nude” dance in the film is legendary!

You see, one day after Ekland left the set, Actress Lorraine Peters undressed and filmed this iconic moment from “The Wicker Man”:

Of course, when Ekland learned she had been doubled, she was furious!

In fact, boyfriend Rod Stewart tried to block the film’s release because of the scene. 

To this day, when fans ask her to autograph photos of the full nude scene, she refuses because it’s not her!

Eklund’s greatest mainstream success came one year later:

Eklund was “Bond Girl” Mary Goodnight in “The Man With The Golden Gun.” Sadly, critics weren’t impressed.

She was described by The Sunday Mirror paper as being “an astoundingly stupid blonde British agent!”

She did look that part – and she gave it her all.

YouTuber Profile Popnecker has this scene from the film when Britt makes an unexpected fall during the film’s climax!

This was one of the least popular 007 films, but was the high point of Eklund’s career.

After her breakup with Rod Stewart in 1977, Britt continued to make movies–both features and made-for-TV films–and tried the stage, but nothing at this level of success…a very disappointing end to her career…

In all, Britt amassed almost 80 screen credits, but to me, she never fulfilled her great potential and that’s a shame…

In the 60’s, many “sex kittens” from Europe came to America, had a brief run of fame, but didn’t last…here’s another example:

German Actress Elke Sommer had a string of big films but ended up in cult horror…you can see more of her career by clicking on my story here:

I also featured a European Actress who started off with a great career:

Anita Ekberg had an explosive beginning to her career, but also ended up in cult European horror by the late 70’s – see some of her most provocative work by clicking on my story here:

However, one British Actress exploded on the screen at the “Age Of Consent”:

Helen Mirren had a wild run of films in the 70’s, and ended up still in the business decades later – and an Oscar winner as well!

Click here to see some of her greatest films:

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  1. One of the most perfect women…..chuq

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  2. Another excellent post..
    Thank you John.

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  3. Another actress who seemed to be in ‘everything’, at one time. I liked her short role in ‘Get Carter’ best. It suited her prefectly. (And I do love that film!)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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