Erotic Cult Movie Queen Emma Cohen “Rises From The Tomb” For “Shocktober 2022!”

Celebrating The Career Of Emma Cohen!

There is a wild and wide world of cult cinema out there, across many decades, so when I discover a Cult Movie Queen for the first time, I have to include her in my “2022 Shocktober” series!

Emma Cohen was born in 1946 in Barcelona Spain as Emmanuela Beltrán Rahola.

She had a long career in film, many of which never played wide in the US…but I found a few that did, and they are great!

In 1972, she appeared in the grindhouse gem “Cut-Throat’s Nine!”

First, check out this wild poster – including a mandatory “terror mask
that must be worn inside the theater! HA!

Yes, a film so violent you had to wear a “Terror Mask!”

Check out this wild wild trailer!

AS describes the plot:

“Bandits attack a wagonload of convicts, and only a sergeant, his daughter, and seven sadistic prisoners survive. The sergeant must get his prisoners to their destination while a web of lies, greed, and betrayal unfolds.”

Next up, Emma bared all in “On The Other Side Of The Mirror” directed by Jess Franco!

And I discovered her when I finally began to watch Paul Naschy films – yes, I had never seen any, so I missed this great horror gem:

Because this is “Shocktober 2022”, time to head to Paul Naschy territory for a wild shocker!

This was released as “Horror Rises From The Tomb” and it features Emma in a revealing role:

Check out the trailer for this 1973 Spanish horror film:

As you can see, Emma continued to make provocative films throughout the decade and beyond, such as “Cuentos Eroticos” in 1980.

Emma ultimately had 81 screen credits, never afraid to put herself out there for a project.

She died in 2016 in Madrid, Spain. I plan to look for more of her films, especially if she is in more of the Naschy films I have yet to see.

Back to “Shocktober” – in the 80’s, America fell in love with these iconic “Scream Queens”:

Michelle Bauer, Linnea Quigley and Brinke Stevens were superstars of cult cinema, and the “Nightmare Sisters” too!

Yes, this is the film where the trio ended up naked in a bathtub together – see the wild story of this movie by clicking here:

Here is another iconic Cult Movie Queen:

Christina Lindberg was the “Queen Of Artsploitation” and you can see all of her best films by clicking on my story here:

And of course, since Emma Cohen worked with Director Jess Franco, we have to take a moment to appreciate his greatest star:

Lina Romay appeared in so many of his films, and they were married as well…you can see her most provocative films by clicking here:

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Let me know what you think of “Shocktober 2022!”

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2 replies

  1. I liked to imagine what Emma Cohen looked like nude. Oh well.


  2. I had never heard of Emma. Sad to hear she died at the age of 70.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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