“Dracula Sucks” On Adult Icon Annette Haven! Seka! Serena And More Bite Into TWO Versions For “Shocktober 2022”!

“Dracula Sucks” – Twice!

I am celebrating “Shocktober 2022” by looking at films – and especially Cult Horror Queens – that offer classic shocks and in this case, sex!

Annette Haven Takes On Jamie Gillis!

Adult Film Icons Annette Haven and Jamie Gillis take on a classic horror tale – in two wildly different ways!

This 1978 take on the Dracula legend was clearly destined for “adults only” – it’s full of moody vampires and XXX-rated sex – but it all depends on which version you watch!

“Dracula Sucks” was directed and co-written by Philip Marshak, and starred the legendary Jamie Gillis as the legendary bloodsucker – in a very strong performance.

Here is a link to a “safe to view” teaser, using the other title for the film “Lust At First Bite”:


Much More “Lust” In This “Bite!”

When I watched “Dracula Sucks” I was surprised that many of the sex scenes ended abruptly or seemed shortened and not graphic at all – then I put in “Lust”, which is included on a second disc.

That film is packed with XXX-rated scenes: a few not in the other cut and the others fully uncut and much longer – the film was also re-cut, moving a climactic scene between Gilli and Haven from the end of the film to the beginning!

This film is interesting no matter which cut you watch – because both are stuffed with more adult superstars as well – check out this list!

There’s Adult Superstar Serena, along with Icons Seka, Kay Parker and John Holmes as well!

Vinegar Syndrome has released a special edition blu-ray, with multiple cuts of the film and a feature-length audio commentary by the Director which is hilariously honest!

And check out this title treatment:

Here’s the plot: Jamie Gillis plays Count Dracula, who purchases a castle next to a mental institution.

Of course, he uses the women who live there for his bloody needs – and since this is a XXX-rated film, they use him and each other as well!

There are two versions of the film in the VS edition: the original, which really doesn’t have much hardcore sex at all – and then the cut called “Lust At First Bite” – which offers plenty of extended XXX-rated sequences, including two very provocative ones between Gillis and Haven!\

This is a very well done film – because it was made near the end of the “golden age of porn” when money was spent on lavish projects like this one.

Annette Haven is one of adult film’s great stars…and this photo is one reason why – but she’s a terrific Actress as well…

She had an incredible career in addition to her work in “Dracula Sucks” – and you can see many of her highlights by clicking on my story here:

As I mentioned, Seka was also in the film – and what an Icon she is as well:

She was the “Platinum Princess Of Porn” and rightly so!

See her story here:

“Dracula Sucks” also is an example of the best in the adult film world coming together for a well-written, well-produced effort.

Adult star Serena appears in the film as well:

You can see more of her career highlights here:

Another Icon, Kay Parker, also appears in the film as a Nurse who gives the Doctor just what he ordered:

You can see all of her career highlights by clicking on my story here:

Let me know if you’ve seen this film, and this terrific cast reminded me of all of the great performers from that golden age of porn:

Desiree Cousteau worked with many of these superstars, and she was one herself!

See her story here:

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Let me know your favorite Adult “Shocktober” films!

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3 replies

  1. Great piece.ive seen this flick several times over the decades and have the poster. I know your emphasis is on the ladies, but I always wondered how “legitimate” actor Reggie Nalder (THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH, MARK OF THE DEVIL, SALEM’S LOT) got roped into this. Did he know it was a porn flick or was he duped into thinking it was a low-buget horror film?

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  2. I haven’t seen the film, but I agree about Seka. She was a Porn Icon indeed, and what a career she had!
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

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